The Definitive Ranking of Taylor Swift’s Music Videos, #33-#23

This post has been such a long time coming! My girl Kari & I have long loved Taylor Swift, and last year when we went to her concert, I think that love just quadrupled, and pretty much became a part of our everyday conversation. I’m not kidding, we probably reference her in some way shape or form every single day. We can’t help it. I told her I was going to make a post of Taylor Swift’s music videos, then I went and looked on her youtube channel, and it’s a little intimidating…33 videos is a lot of watching!!

The hardest part of this was to watch the video and judge on video alone, NOT judge the song. So. Difficult. Some of my least favorite T-Swift songs are fairly high on the list, while some of my favorite T-Swift songs are on this first (bad) list! I also went with my initial reaction of where I wanted these videos to be ranked, not where I thought they should be ranked three days later after more viewing (see video #9 which after lots more viewing would jump up to #4).

I thought of commenting on all her videos and why they’re ranked where they are, but honestly, that’s going to be difficult since I didn’t watch all 33 in one sitting. What I DID do though, was take notes on each video as I was watching them. So, for your viewing (and reading) pleasure, I have posted the video with my commentary underneath.

Enjoy my least favorite Taylor Swift videos!


  • Hair flips, sky points for days.
  • Just standing there singing! Lame.
  • Subtle patriotism with the red, white, and blue.


  • Snow. How prolific.
  • Wait, that dude isn’t Taylor Lautner.
  • Sitting on a bed, on a kitchen counter, and in a bedroom.
  • Why is it snowing in her apartment?


  • Stephen Colletti! One Tree Hill❤
  • Oh yes – flashbacks. Of course!
  • Just crying in her apartment…really?
  • Her apartment is fabulous though.


  • She’s walking in a field? Okay.
  • I want to watch The Hunger Games now.
  • I don’t get it.


  • Just another flashback video.
  • Same old same old.
  • Easy to forget this one!
  • The colors are really pretty though!


  • Hello, straight haired Taylor Swift.
  • Really random??
  • This is a fun, “please let me sing you my song” video.


  • Spying – I love it.
  • Girl powerrrrr.
  • Oh hey Taylor’s curly hair.
  • Her quote: “You know what? I’m over it.” Bahaha perfection.


  • Okay, woods. We get it.
  • I understand nothing about this video, but I like her dress.
  • She’s stuck in a tree. I really don’t get it.


  • I hate this stupid video.
  • This narration is the worst.
  • The tone of the video before & after the music part matches nothing about the music part of the video.
  • This video would be way better wihout the first two stupid minutes.


  • I don’t like this video as much as the world does.
  • I do like those PJs though.
  • The animals just kind of creep me out.


  • Tour video.

Side note: Allll the tour videos were definitely clumped together, and yes, Taylor Swift just mashing up moments from her concerts were still better than the other ones on this list. 



My Walk With God

“And He walks with me, and He talks with me…and He tells me I am His own. 
And the joy we share as we tarry there…none other has ever known.”
-In the Garden-

I don’t know how to start this post. This is my fourth attempt at writing the beginning words because am I really going to talk about God? Am I really at that point in blogging AND in my relationship with Jesus that I’m going to write about it? I’ve shared my experiences with a few people, but am I really ready to share it so publicly that anyone can read it at any time, whether I know them or not?

My walk with God started about a year ago. I was dating this great guy who liked me, liked my family, wanted that elusive future that I’d dreamed about…and it wasn’t right. He wasn’t right, I realized later, but there also was something missing. Something was holding me back, and I couldn’t figure out what it was. After breaking down one night (the guy & I had long since ended things), by myself, I found myself praying for the first time in years. I had no idea what I was doing. I just didn’t know what else to do and how else to make sense of my experiences in life. My prayer ended up in a lot of questioning God, being mad with God, saying, “Why why why…”

A couple of weeks later, I was talking with a friend about this. I was telling her how I didn’t really think God was on my side, I don’t think prayer works, etc. Because why would God have given me those struggles, why would I be given unreachable desires if God wasn’t going to help? She told it to me straight, and said, “Torey, we’ve been friends for years. Would you be comfortable with having this conversation if you hadn’t taken the time to develop our friendship?” I said, “No, of course not.” Then she spoke some of the truest words I’ve ever heard: “How is God supposed to know you or listen or help you if you haven’t developed a relationship with him?” That was a game changing conversation for me. 

Fast forward to today. It’s taken me a long time to realize that ultimately, all of those experiences I was struggling with, and was upset about?? They were put into my life to give me that “A-ha” moment that I can’t be expected to walk with others if I haven’t first walked with Him. Those were designed to lead me to my walk with Christ, a walk that I feel like I’m just starting. But here’s what I’ve learned so far….or at least what I’ve been trying to learn. I’m a work in progress.

I’ve learned to practice forgiveness…and mean it.
Start with the biggest revelation, right? This one was one that snuck up on me. Recently I’ve been in situations where it would have been so easy to stick to the mean words I said, or to just walk away from the situation because it’d be easier, and “they deserved it.” Then it was literally like a neon sign flashing at me saying “wait a minute.” I realized that God forgives me. Every time. Without question. Because for some reason, I’m worthy of that forgiveness. What I realized in these situations was that those people were worthy of it too. So I practiced it…and the rewards from simply forgiving someone has paid me back in spades. I’m a much better person with the relationships in my life that have been forged through forgiveness than I would be if I let them go.

I’ve learned to be vocal and unapologetic.
This I pretty much had down already. I’m very vocal (too vocal, most days), and I will never apologize for who I am. But that didn’t really correlate with my religious views. I wasn’t the one who said, “I can’t wait to go to church,” or, “Church was amazing today! Check out all we learned,” or, “Pray for me,” or “It’s up to God.” For some reason, it just wasn’t something I shared. I don’t know if I was ashamed by it, worried about what others would thing, if I felt hypocritical because for so long I had struggled with “God’s plan.” I think it was a combination of all of those feelings. But now? Obviously I have no problems sharing that I’m in a relationship with God. When people ask me what I’m thinking and if the answer has something to do with God or Jesus…I say it. I actively pray for others, I talk about Christ with friends and family. It’s so liberating. It’s so freeing to know that a relationship is so unshakeable that you can talk about it without reservation.

I’ve learned to share my heart with God, and know that he knows and understands my heart.
Seeking out my faith and trying to live that faith has been one of the hardest processes I’ve done in my life. It’s not perfect, and it will never be, and I will always be actively seeking to strengthen and grow in my faith. But knowing that God is there and I can share that struggle with him? Wow…that’s changed my life. I didn’t know how to talk to God before…and now I see different ways every day that he’s changing my path. I know God knows my heart.  Knowing this has given me the unparalleled joy of putting my life in His hands. Does this mean I’m passive in my actions, I don’t fight for what I want in life, or that I don’t try? Absolutely not. Rather it’s knowing that God sees my fight, sees my fears & desires, and knows my heart and what it needs.

I don’t worry as much any more…I don’t try to control things as much any more (as much being the key words because I’m still a control freak)…I don’t over analyze my words and actions. I just say it. I just do it. Because I know that right or wrong, good or bad, God will guide me and show me and open doors for my path to be followed. I just have to keep walking.

15 Things I’m Good At

I recently downloaded the app It’s a fun app where literally people just make random lists (or li.sts, rather) about whatever they want. I don’t look at it often, but in one of my perusals through the app, the “15 Things I’m Good At,” kept popping up. My first thought when I read some of them was, “Oh my goodness, there’s no way I could think of 15 things, I doubt I’m good at that many things.” I’m really awful at taking credit for things and I deflect compliments like nobody’s business.  This ultimately stems from not wanting to upset people and a lack of self-appreciation that are different stories for another day.

I’m trying to get better at accepting compliments. I’m trying to just say, “Thank you,” instead of “Oh, no, that’s not me,” or, “Well I didn’t really do much, it was everyone else, I just helped.”  I’m trying to learn that you don’t always have to have a return compliment…sometimes it’s okay to just let people love you & appreciate you.  And it’s starting to work. When I read the multiple li.sts, I thought that doing this exercise in my own life would be a way to make it easier for me to give myself credit for things that people I care about give me credit for too. And since ultimately this blog is for me more than it’s for anyone else, I’m going to try to give myself some compliments.

Here’s 15 things that I think I’m good at.

1. Being a fiercely loyal friend.
2. Decorating and making a house a home.
3. Planning events and parties.
4. Consciously making an effort to bring my friends together.

It should be known that at this point, I’m literally going, “Okay, nope. Four is too many. There’s not many more than that, and I shouldn’t be so selfish. I’m done.”  Deep breaths. Let’s try to continue. 

5. Baking (as in baked goods).
6. Being a good daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, & cousin.
7. Knowing all the words to an obnoxious amount of Disney songs.
8. Accurately predicting which Hogwarts house my friends will be sorted into.
9. Babbling (just because I’m good at is doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing).
10. Writing (up to interpretation, but this is MY list).

Seriously? Five more? Nobody even cares, and everyone is just going to say, “Wow how selfish is she?” It’s not for them though, you don’t have to please everyone. That’s the whole point of this. 

12. Attempting to convince people that my blood type is a mix between Diet Dr Pepper
and iced cafe mochas.
13. Knowing the ins & outs of every season’s plot line of One Tree Hill (Lucas Scott <3) 
14. Binge-watching television shows.
15. Being socially awkward.

There you have it. 15 Things I’m Good At. This was one of the tougher blog posts I think I’ve written. I had to force myself to type the words. I found that the bigger struggle was not in finding things I’m good at (see also overthinking things, buying too many comic book t-shirts, and obsessively organizing everything), but rather the struggle was in actually being honest about those things and writing what I see as bragging about myself and being selfish or ashamed.

These are ways that society says you’re not supposed to act like right? Don’t be boastful, conceited, selfish, rude. Don’t talk about yourself too much. Be just unique enough that you stand out but not so unique that you offend someone. But maybe it’s not about being boastful, or selfish. Maybe it’s just about finding the good in yourself and letting yourself feel that good, letting yourself see it, letting yourself own it. Maybe it’s about appreciating things about yourself that society makes you see as ridiculous or negative and consistently tells you you should be ashamed of (See numbers 7-9 and 15). Because those are the things that other people will love about you. Those are the things that make you appreciate yourself. Those are ways you can grow into yourself. Which I think everyone is consistently struggling with, regardless of their age or experience. Everyone is trying to figure out who they are, and sometimes…that starts with bragging about yourself.



After Tour – Guest Bedroom

Today I decorated for Halloween…granted, we’re not even to October 1, but IT WAS TIME. I hadn’t decorated for fall yet, and my poor house was in desperate need of some holidays. We’re creeping up on my favorite time of the year, and I CANNOT WAIT!

Time to finish the house tour! The last room is the guest room.


What Work Did I Do?

Mostly, this room was just painting! The dark red paint as well as the airplane did not cover super well, but two coats still did the trick. One wall was all wallpaper (there was even wallpaper on the closet door – woof), so we took off the wallpaper to put on the paint.



Every piece of furniture in this room has sentimental value to me.  The day bed is one I’ve had since middle school. I had wanted a day bed for forever, and then I finally got one when we moved when I was 12! The rocking chair and cedar chest both belonged to my late grandparents. My brother made my bookshelf for me, and and my other grandpa made the teaset shelf for my collection. All the wood pieces work so well together, and I like having them all in one place. I found the comforter a couple years ago at Target, and then happened to find the shower curtains that matched perfectly. I couldn’t have planned it better!

My Favorites


This is the teaset shelf that my grandpa made for me. I have been collecting teasets for as long as I can remember. I haven’t added many to the collection for years, but I still treasure these.  They were gifts given to me from friends and family, and I value each and every one. There are a few others scattered throughout the room in addition to these on the shelf. Teasets and Beauty and the Beast are the two decorative themes of the room.  I didn’t snap any pics of them, but I have a Beauty and the Beast light switch plate, picture, and decorations throughout! I’d like to say that it’s because my 10 year old cousin refers to it as her room…but in all honesty, it’s just because I’m a little absurdly obsessed with Disney.

That’s the end of the house tour! I’m almost positive that there will be lots more posts about the house, especially when I decorate for Christmas! I love living in this house, and every day I appreciate something new about it.❤

After Tour – Master Bedroom

So it’s been a hot minute since I blogged about my house. Apparently people other than my mom and grandma read this blog (!!!!!), because I’ve been getting text messages with, “Where’s the rest of your house posts?!” So if you were one of those people, thank you! It gets tiring writing about the same thing every post, so I had to switch it up with my TV lineup. Then I went home, took some time away from technology, and I’ve started to have more of a personal life lately, so no blogging.

BUT, never fear, because I’m back! Here’s the master bedroom!


What Work Did I Do?

Not a lot of work was done on this room. All it needed was paint! Same colors that has been used throughout the house, so we just painted it up and put the furniture in it!



It’s so much prettier now! The hardest part about this room was figuring out how to arrange all the furniture. This arrangement works well though, and I’m still shocked with how much room I have in this space! My apartment bedroom barely fit everything in it, and it was hard to walk around, but in this room, that’s not the case!


There’s really nothing in particular that is my favorite in this room. The room as it works together is my favorite part about the room! The furniture was redone by my mom & I, and so I love the character that the paint brings to it. The color scheme is my favvvvvv. I found the comforter last year at Target and just fell in love with the color and how pretty it is. Everything else came from there, including the picture-perfect curtains that I took a chance on online. I gotta have my rustic tastes in here, so the burlap pillows tying in with my painted furniture, unique knobs, and windowpanes on the wall makes me happy! I love this room.

Only one room left – the guest room!

2016 TV Lineup

It’s premiere week! Well…kind of…I think technically premiere week is considered next week, because that’s when the majority of shows premiere. But for me, premiere week is when the first show on my list of shows premieres their new season, and this year, that’s this week. More specifically, Wednesday, with Blindspot.

This is pretty much the most accurate description of me during this time of year…every year.


I am such a big fan of television. Compared to others that don’t have cable like me, I watch more TV than most people I know. Every year, some of my favs come back but every year I always pick a couple new shows to try out and see if they stick (whether that be stick with me OR stick with audiences in general). This year, we’re half and half. Nine oldies but goodies, and nine newbies. Since we watch TV based on days of the week, I’m going to go through them by days of the week! And I’m sorry, Sunday may be the first day of the week according to the calendar, but I don’t ever consider it the first day of the week, I consider it the last. So I’m starting with Monday. Also, due to the fact that there’s so many, I’m giving a ten words (or less) synopsis for each (I tried five & seven words but it’s hard!).

I’m color coding by network because I’m weird (not kidding, I literally categorize my TV lineup by date & network, all color coded). Blue is NBC, Orange is ABC, Green is The CW, and red is Fox. My new shows are emphasized by an asterisk*. If you want to know what the shows are about, new or old, here are the links: NBCABCThe CWFox.

There are a few shows that I would fully plan on adding to this list, but I have either fallen too far behind OR am binging my way up to the current season on Netflix. I fully plan on catching up with all of them someday, though, so they earn a shoutout. Arrow, The Flash, Reign, The Originals, Bones, and Criminal Minds (who knew I watched CBS?!).

Druggie forced to work with people to avoid prison.
Time travelers time travel to change things in the past.

No Tomorrow*
Girl meets boy and completes a bucket list.
This is Us*
People share a birthday and fight personal demons. Mandy Moore!
Chicago Fire
Firefighters fight fires in Chicago and break my damn heart.

Remake of a movie with Riley Smith whom I looooove.
Tattooed woman figures out tattoos with FBI. Kurt Fricking Weller.
Chicago PD
Second and better Chicago show about cops. Team Linstead.

Grey’s Anatomy
Greatest guilty pleasure of all time with all the feels.
News producer works with cops to put stuff on TV.
First woman major league baseball player plays baseball.
Chicago Med
Third Chicago show (doctors). I need to catch up on.

The Vampire Diaries
All the supernatural things with lots of teenybopper drama.

Once Upon a Time
Disney characters in a show. Of course I watch it.
First season about FBI peeps, now might be CIA peeps.

Midseason Premieres
Oh. Em. Effing. Gee. Best show on television.
Still Star Crossed*
What happens after Romeo and Juliet kill themselves.
Chicago Justice*
Fourth and probably unnecessary Chicago show about lawyers.

I can’t wait for premiere week! Let the madness and being a hermit begin!


After Tour – Bathroom

I was all set to NOT write about my house. I’ve written nothing but house posts, and I’m getting tired of them. The two posts I really want to write are my definitive ranking of Taylor Swift music videos, and the shows I’m planning on watching this fall primetime season.But this is what happened.  I put in a movie, sat down in my recliner, popped my feet up, grabbed a blanket, and then I was down for the count (almost literally because this cold is killing my soul and I’m sleepy). Since a movie is on, I can’t watch any music videos; since my TV show list is on the refrigerator, I can’t possibly get up. So I’m going to write about my bathroom!



What Work Did I Do? 

Not much. To fully redo the bathroom like I would like to would cost more than I had available, so it will be put on hold.  But there were certainly things that could and needed to be done stat, most importantly the wallpaper.  My goodness, this stuff was hideous.  To each their own, but I just couldn’t see how that matched with the tile at all. The wallpaper was removed, the walls & ceilings were painted white, and a new medicine cabinet & light fixture was installed.



I can’t get over how much a coat of paint does for a room. The white in this room brightens it up, makes it cleaner, and actually matches everything else in the room! I am still not a fan of the tile that is on the wall or the floor, but it works for now. I elected to go with colors that work with the tile, and I’m pleased with the ones I selected. It started with the shower curtain and went from there – I’m not a big fan of gold, but I liked this, and the coral just works well with it!

My Favorites 


I am happy that I actually have a picture to show as my favorite for this room! Once I decided to go coral with gold, I was planning to make a canvas print of the two colors – nothing fancy, but just something to put in this big wall space. THEN I went to Kirklands, and couldn’t believe that I found something so perfect! The colors are spot on, and it fit perfectly! Like my friend said, “It helps a lot.” And she’s right. It ties everything in the room together!

Well, the movie is over, I can’t breathe through my nose, and I’m still sleepy. So I’m taking it as a sign. Two rooms left!

After Tour – Reading Room

Dining room, reading room, dining room, reading room. Welcome to the battle that I have with myself every day. These rooms are both my favorites, and for so many good reasons. I mentioned in the front / theater room post that I’m glad the movies and books can each be featured in their own rooms in this house, and the books are on full display here.


What Work Did I Do? 

The wallpaper (on the wall with the ghastly window) was removed and paneling was put on that wall. The walls were painted white (two coats, also at 1:00 in the morning like the kitchen but in worse lighting).  A small step was installed on the entrance to the reading room from the dining room, and bookshelves were installed.  The bookshelves were found at a local bookstore that was closing (only $45!), but to stack two high in the corner, my friend had to cut down the height of them. The bookshelves were then painted. They were already white but needed touching up with another coat.



Look. How. Beautiful. It. Is. The red couch & loveseat came from the same bookstore as the bookshelves. The seating area right next to the window was furniture that was left in the home when I purchased it.

That awful, southwestern, 3D, stained glass window (someone actually installed that on purpose), unfortunately had to stay for now. But it’s covered up by the mocha curtain (that is the same pattern as the black curtains in the front room – alllll about the flow!), so it works. For now.

This room has become exactly what I imagined it would be. It doesn’t have central air or heat, BUT has it’s own unit. However, I haven’t had to use it. I grab a book, curl up on the loveseat, open the back door, turn on the ceiling fan, and it’s absolutely wonderful.

Let’s talk about my bookshelves for a hot minute. I’ve always had the dream of being as close to the Disney princess Belle as humanly possible. I’ve got the brown hair, love for reading, talking to inanimate objects down pat.  And while the bookshelves and the ladder with blankets on it doesn’t quite get me there, it does mean that I have my own library with a ladder…just like Belle did. So I’m happy. One of my favorite pastimes is rearranging my bookshelves. It’s so much fun! Some can go vertical, some can go horizontal, my decorations are intersperssed throughout…gosh. Love.

My Favorites 


My little seating area! I quite enjoy looking out into my private backyard (even though it’s not super pretty), and I am beyond pumped for fall. I’ll be able to sit at this area with coffee and a book, with the windows & doors open, reading and enjoying my favorite season.


Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter. Man I love me some of The Boy Who Lived.  I was thrilled that the topper of this shelf offered me the opportunity to show off my (way too small) Harry Potter collection. Did I throw in a couple non-Harry Potter vintage finds? Of course I did. Enter my file cabinet and door that adds some great height to this display.

See why I have the battle with myself? I’m so proud of this room. In comparison to the other rooms in the house, this room is the one I’ve been wishing and hoping for the longest. I love reading (can’t you tell?), and I’ve always hoped that I’d be able to have a room that focuses on cozy, comfort, and books. And now I do. But then I walk back into the dining room…and the battle commences.

After Tour – Kitchen

Let’s see. Seven rooms. Scheduling these out on the blog is making blogging miraculously easy right now! Granted, all you poor souls have to read nothing but after tours for the next….five posts (counting this one), BUT I’m sure you are all just on edge waiting to see each new room. Right?

*Side note: I’m catching up on last season of “Blindspot” before it premieres in September, and since it’s so good…AND I’m pretty excited for the new crop of TV shows I’m watching this show…PLUS the oldies but goodies…means I’ll probably break up the after tour posts with a ‘what I’m watching this fall’ post.*

A few things I’ve noted over the first two after tours / rooms is that I say the words, “I love” quite often when referencing parts of my home.  Now while that’s true, I feel like my decent, albeit not perfect, writing ability coupled with the fact that I’m a relatively intelligent individual, should lead to me using better words, or at least synonyms. So I’m going to break out the old thesaurus for my kitchen after tour. Or at least I’m going to try.


What Work Did I Do?

This, like the front room, was also just a paint job.  There was slightly more work involved since I (we) had to take all the handles off the cabinets / drawers, cabinet doors off the cabinets, and hinges off the doors. My mom then channeled her inner Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict, to easier take the paint off the hinges, then it was all re-installation after the paint!

I can safely say that something I did do entirely on my own was paint the walls of this room and boy if that wasn’t that super fun. It’s between 11:00 at night and 1:00 in the morning, I’m crawling on ladders and balancing on countertops, wondering to myself, “Should I call someone just in case I fall down then at least they’d hear the line go silent?” I made it though, and so did the kitchen.



I’m a fan. It’s so fresh and so clean, clean. (Chance, if you’re reading, sorry for the internal / probable external cringe you just had while reading my attempt to prove I know some music that’s not country).

My Favorites


If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a massive fan of antiques. I’m pretty sure that every room contains an antique / vintage piece, and of course my kitchen is no exception. I adore these vintage kitchen supplies, and the small display shelves are ideal for them.


This picture contains two of the favorites! More antiques and my cookbooks as one, and the window as the second. I’m so glad that this shelf had the strength to hold the cookbooks, and the recipe box was a great $5.00 find. The window, instead of opening to the outside, peeks out into the reading room, so I’m never closed off to any guests who are in there (plus I just love looking into that room).

A couple of times I have thought about that I perhaps should have painted the cabinets a bright color, but I never can come up with what color that would definitively be (red is already out…blue? yellow?), so white it is. I do quite enjoy that the kitchen looks clean all the time with the white, and I’ll always be able to match that color with any other color!

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, so I’m glad it’s something I continue to like looking at🙂

After Tour – Dining Room

We continue our after tour of the house with the dining room! This is probably tied for my favorite room of the house with the reading room. It’s gone through the biggest transformation, and mixes my classic taste with my rustic antique taste in just the right way.


What Work Did I Do? 

First thing I should clarify is that when I say, “What work did do,” I really mean “What work did we do.” I could not have gotten any of this done without so much help. My family and friends worked their asses off for a week.

My dad’s old friend did a lot of the projects in the house that my parents & myself just weren’t quite up to speed on handling. That included pretty much this whole room’s worth of projects.

The tile and paint color in this room was horrendous. I was not even close to a fan of it, so it had to go. I elected to go with white beadboard halfway up the wall topped with chair rail. I wanted to keep the flow from room to room (I’m big into flow of this house), yet still have a distinction between the two rooms. I also knew that I planned on putting a touch of class in this room moreso than the other rooms, and felt that the beadboard / chair rail combination worked with the furniture in the room. I also splurged a little on a beautiful ceiling fan that is loads better than the white porcelain fan with roses on it that was there before.



Isn’t it beautiful??? Gosh I just love this room. It’s a gorgeous as you walk in from the front room and the front door, and I just love everything about it.

My Favorites


This bar was another antique store find. It’s versatile and doesn’t have to be a bar, but with the glass shelves, it works perfectly to display my wine glasses and store my wine.


This bench has been a longstanding part of my furniture in past apartments, but it’s never quite found a home before. It has now! It fits snug in the corner and adds seating while drawing attention to the telephone nook and wall print. The print is the first verse of the song, “For Good,” from the musical Wicked. It’s my friendship song with my friend Spencer, but also says what I love about most of my friends, and I’m pleased it’s also found a place.


My centerpiece that I created after my move! I found the tool box in my parents basement, and considered painting it, but decided to keep it as is and “class it up” with what’s inside! I’ve never been a huge fan of centerpieces, but my mom has a piece that I’ve come to love and I took some inspiration from her. I love that I will be able to change this with the seasons too.


My splurge!


This has been something my brain has been working on for awhile, and it’s finally come to pass. I love the saying that’s on the chevron piece. It’s truly one of my mantras and how I try to live every day. The art was done by my cousins, both at 10 years old (one is still 10 and one is now 15), and those two are a big part of my happy, so I’m glad the eye is drawn to the cluster of these three pieces as a showcase.

That’s my dining room! It fights for the spot of favorite room of the house along with the reading room (post after next). The kitchen is up next!