Link in Bio

As part of my job, I run the JA Instagram account. If you’re familiar with Instagram, you’re familiar with the “Link in Bio” call to action. There’s always so much more to say in an Instagram caption, so you encourage people to learn more by clicking on a link. Every time I post these three small, seemly insignificant words, I stop and pause for a … Continue reading Link in Bio


It’s been a minute. Like my friend Katie said on her blog Raines or Shine, “What’s hilarious about blogging is that you can skip entire chapters of your life and just start writing again as if nothing happened.” Truth bomb, girl. I’ve realized that blogging is what you make of it. Celebrations are abundant in my life right now! I am in such a blessed … Continue reading Celebrations

I am TRASH for Personality Development

Oh boy howdy, friends, I am about to nerd out on you all. This really won’t surprise any of you, but man. I’m excited. Personality development – I live for it. I absolutely love taking quizzes about personality development and growth – quizzes like, “What Hogwarts house are you in? (and COME AT ME if you think this can’t help figure out your personality strengths),” … Continue reading I am TRASH for Personality Development


You remember when I was a runner? Because I don’t. I mean, I know I was one, once upon a time. I have a whole health category that has post after post talking about it. In my guest room, I have my 2017 5K bibs framed along with all my medals, cups, scarves and other fun trinkets I’ve collected along the way. My 5K t-shirts are … Continue reading Oops

Word of the Year

I’ve been seeing a lot of those “Word of the Year” posts circulating on the interwebs lately. K-Love talked about how the Oxford word of the year is “toxic” (how sad!) and Merriam Webster’s word of the year is “justice.” This year, I realized that my word for 2018 has been fulfillment. When I look back on my year, I have come to understand that fulfillment is … Continue reading Word of the Year