After Tour – Guest Bedroom

Today I decorated for Halloween…granted, we’re not even to October 1, but IT WAS TIME. I hadn’t decorated for fall yet, and my poor house was in desperate need of some holidays. We’re creeping up on my favorite time of the year, and I CANNOT WAIT!

Time to finish the house tour! The last room is the guest room.


What Work Did I Do?

Mostly, this room was just painting! The dark red paint as well as the airplane did not cover super well, but two coats still did the trick. One wall was all wallpaper (there was even wallpaper on the closet door – woof), so we took off the wallpaper to put on the paint.



Every piece of furniture in this room has sentimental value to me.  The day bed is one I’ve had since middle school. I had wanted a day bed for forever, and then I finally got one when we moved when I was 12! The rocking chair and cedar chest both belonged to my late grandparents. My brother made my bookshelf for me, and and my other grandpa made the teaset shelf for my collection. All the wood pieces work so well together, and I like having them all in one place. I found the comforter a couple years ago at Target, and then happened to find the shower curtains that matched perfectly. I couldn’t have planned it better!

My Favorites


This is the teaset shelf that my grandpa made for me. I have been collecting teasets for as long as I can remember. I haven’t added many to the collection for years, but I still treasure these.  They were gifts given to me from friends and family, and I value each and every one. There are a few others scattered throughout the room in addition to these on the shelf. Teasets and Beauty and the Beast are the two decorative themes of the room.  I didn’t snap any pics of them, but I have a Beauty and the Beast light switch plate, picture, and decorations throughout! I’d like to say that it’s because my 10 year old cousin refers to it as her room…but in all honesty, it’s just because I’m a little absurdly obsessed with Disney.

That’s the end of the house tour! I’m almost positive that there will be lots more posts about the house, especially when I decorate for Christmas! I love living in this house, and every day I appreciate something new about it.❤

After Tour – Master Bedroom

So it’s been a hot minute since I blogged about my house. Apparently people other than my mom and grandma read this blog (!!!!!), because I’ve been getting text messages with, “Where’s the rest of your house posts?!” So if you were one of those people, thank you! It gets tiring writing about the same thing every post, so I had to switch it up with my TV lineup. Then I went home, took some time away from technology, and I’ve started to have more of a personal life lately, so no blogging.

BUT, never fear, because I’m back! Here’s the master bedroom!


What Work Did I Do?

Not a lot of work was done on this room. All it needed was paint! Same colors that has been used throughout the house, so we just painted it up and put the furniture in it!



It’s so much prettier now! The hardest part about this room was figuring out how to arrange all the furniture. This arrangement works well though, and I’m still shocked with how much room I have in this space! My apartment bedroom barely fit everything in it, and it was hard to walk around, but in this room, that’s not the case!


There’s really nothing in particular that is my favorite in this room. The room as it works together is my favorite part about the room! The furniture was redone by my mom & I, and so I love the character that the paint brings to it. The color scheme is my favvvvvv. I found the comforter last year at Target and just fell in love with the color and how pretty it is. Everything else came from there, including the picture-perfect curtains that I took a chance on online. I gotta have my rustic tastes in here, so the burlap pillows tying in with my painted furniture, unique knobs, and windowpanes on the wall makes me happy! I love this room.

Only one room left – the guest room!

2016 TV Lineup

It’s premiere week! Well…kind of…I think technically premiere week is considered next week, because that’s when the majority of shows premiere. But for me, premiere week is when the first show on my list of shows premieres their new season, and this year, that’s this week. More specifically, Wednesday, with Blindspot.

This is pretty much the most accurate description of me during this time of year…every year.


I am such a big fan of television. Compared to others that don’t have cable like me, I watch more TV than most people I know. Every year, some of my favs come back but every year I always pick a couple new shows to try out and see if they stick (whether that be stick with me OR stick with audiences in general). This year, we’re half and half. Nine oldies but goodies, and nine newbies. Since we watch TV based on days of the week, I’m going to go through them by days of the week! And I’m sorry, Sunday may be the first day of the week according to the calendar, but I don’t ever consider it the first day of the week, I consider it the last. So I’m starting with Monday. Also, due to the fact that there’s so many, I’m giving a ten words (or less) synopsis for each (I tried five & seven words but it’s hard!).

I’m color coding by network because I’m weird (not kidding, I literally categorize my TV lineup by date & network, all color coded). Blue is NBC, Orange is ABC, Green is The CW, and red is Fox. My new shows are emphasized by an asterisk*. If you want to know what the shows are about, new or old, here are the links: NBCABCThe CWFox.

There are a few shows that I would fully plan on adding to this list, but I have either fallen too far behind OR am binging my way up to the current season on Netflix. I fully plan on catching up with all of them someday, though, so they earn a shoutout. Arrow, The Flash, Reign, The Originals, Bones, and Criminal Minds (who knew I watched CBS?!).

Druggie forced to work with people to avoid prison.
Time travelers time travel to change things in the past.

No Tomorrow*
Girl meets boy and completes a bucket list.
This is Us*
People share a birthday and fight personal demons. Mandy Moore!
Chicago Fire
Firefighters fight fires in Chicago and break my damn heart.

Remake of a movie with Riley Smith whom I looooove.
Tattooed woman figures out tattoos with FBI. Kurt Fricking Weller.
Chicago PD
Second and better Chicago show about cops. Team Linstead.

Grey’s Anatomy
Greatest guilty pleasure of all time with all the feels.
News producer works with cops to put stuff on TV.
First woman major league baseball player plays baseball.
Chicago Med
Third Chicago show (doctors). I need to catch up on.

The Vampire Diaries
All the supernatural things with lots of teenybopper drama.

Once Upon a Time
Disney characters in a show. Of course I watch it.
First season about FBI peeps, now might be CIA peeps.

Midseason Premieres
Oh. Em. Effing. Gee. Best show on television.
Still Star Crossed*
What happens after Romeo and Juliet kill themselves.
Chicago Justice*
Fourth and probably unnecessary Chicago show about lawyers.

I can’t wait for premiere week! Let the madness and being a hermit begin!


After Tour – Bathroom

I was all set to NOT write about my house. I’ve written nothing but house posts, and I’m getting tired of them. The two posts I really want to write are my definitive ranking of Taylor Swift music videos, and the shows I’m planning on watching this fall primetime season.But this is what happened.  I put in a movie, sat down in my recliner, popped my feet up, grabbed a blanket, and then I was down for the count (almost literally because this cold is killing my soul and I’m sleepy). Since a movie is on, I can’t watch any music videos; since my TV show list is on the refrigerator, I can’t possibly get up. So I’m going to write about my bathroom!



What Work Did I Do? 

Not much. To fully redo the bathroom like I would like to would cost more than I had available, so it will be put on hold.  But there were certainly things that could and needed to be done stat, most importantly the wallpaper.  My goodness, this stuff was hideous.  To each their own, but I just couldn’t see how that matched with the tile at all. The wallpaper was removed, the walls & ceilings were painted white, and a new medicine cabinet & light fixture was installed.



I can’t get over how much a coat of paint does for a room. The white in this room brightens it up, makes it cleaner, and actually matches everything else in the room! I am still not a fan of the tile that is on the wall or the floor, but it works for now. I elected to go with colors that work with the tile, and I’m pleased with the ones I selected. It started with the shower curtain and went from there – I’m not a big fan of gold, but I liked this, and the coral just works well with it!

My Favorites 


I am happy that I actually have a picture to show as my favorite for this room! Once I decided to go coral with gold, I was planning to make a canvas print of the two colors – nothing fancy, but just something to put in this big wall space. THEN I went to Kirklands, and couldn’t believe that I found something so perfect! The colors are spot on, and it fit perfectly! Like my friend said, “It helps a lot.” And she’s right. It ties everything in the room together!

Well, the movie is over, I can’t breathe through my nose, and I’m still sleepy. So I’m taking it as a sign. Two rooms left!

After Tour – Reading Room

Dining room, reading room, dining room, reading room. Welcome to the battle that I have with myself every day. These rooms are both my favorites, and for so many good reasons. I mentioned in the front / theater room post that I’m glad the movies and books can each be featured in their own rooms in this house, and the books are on full display here.


What Work Did I Do? 

The wallpaper (on the wall with the ghastly window) was removed and paneling was put on that wall. The walls were painted white (two coats, also at 1:00 in the morning like the kitchen but in worse lighting).  A small step was installed on the entrance to the reading room from the dining room, and bookshelves were installed.  The bookshelves were found at a local bookstore that was closing (only $45!), but to stack two high in the corner, my friend had to cut down the height of them. The bookshelves were then painted. They were already white but needed touching up with another coat.



Look. How. Beautiful. It. Is. The red couch & loveseat came from the same bookstore as the bookshelves. The seating area right next to the window was furniture that was left in the home when I purchased it.

That awful, southwestern, 3D, stained glass window (someone actually installed that on purpose), unfortunately had to stay for now. But it’s covered up by the mocha curtain (that is the same pattern as the black curtains in the front room – alllll about the flow!), so it works. For now.

This room has become exactly what I imagined it would be. It doesn’t have central air or heat, BUT has it’s own unit. However, I haven’t had to use it. I grab a book, curl up on the loveseat, open the back door, turn on the ceiling fan, and it’s absolutely wonderful.

Let’s talk about my bookshelves for a hot minute. I’ve always had the dream of being as close to the Disney princess Belle as humanly possible. I’ve got the brown hair, love for reading, talking to inanimate objects down pat.  And while the bookshelves and the ladder with blankets on it doesn’t quite get me there, it does mean that I have my own library with a ladder…just like Belle did. So I’m happy. One of my favorite pastimes is rearranging my bookshelves. It’s so much fun! Some can go vertical, some can go horizontal, my decorations are intersperssed throughout…gosh. Love.

My Favorites 


My little seating area! I quite enjoy looking out into my private backyard (even though it’s not super pretty), and I am beyond pumped for fall. I’ll be able to sit at this area with coffee and a book, with the windows & doors open, reading and enjoying my favorite season.


Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter. Man I love me some of The Boy Who Lived.  I was thrilled that the topper of this shelf offered me the opportunity to show off my (way too small) Harry Potter collection. Did I throw in a couple non-Harry Potter vintage finds? Of course I did. Enter my file cabinet and door that adds some great height to this display.

See why I have the battle with myself? I’m so proud of this room. In comparison to the other rooms in the house, this room is the one I’ve been wishing and hoping for the longest. I love reading (can’t you tell?), and I’ve always hoped that I’d be able to have a room that focuses on cozy, comfort, and books. And now I do. But then I walk back into the dining room…and the battle commences.

After Tour – Kitchen

Let’s see. Seven rooms. Scheduling these out on the blog is making blogging miraculously easy right now! Granted, all you poor souls have to read nothing but after tours for the next….five posts (counting this one), BUT I’m sure you are all just on edge waiting to see each new room. Right?

*Side note: I’m catching up on last season of “Blindspot” before it premieres in September, and since it’s so good…AND I’m pretty excited for the new crop of TV shows I’m watching this show…PLUS the oldies but goodies…means I’ll probably break up the after tour posts with a ‘what I’m watching this fall’ post.*

A few things I’ve noted over the first two after tours / rooms is that I say the words, “I love” quite often when referencing parts of my home.  Now while that’s true, I feel like my decent, albeit not perfect, writing ability coupled with the fact that I’m a relatively intelligent individual, should lead to me using better words, or at least synonyms. So I’m going to break out the old thesaurus for my kitchen after tour. Or at least I’m going to try.


What Work Did I Do?

This, like the front room, was also just a paint job.  There was slightly more work involved since I (we) had to take all the handles off the cabinets / drawers, cabinet doors off the cabinets, and hinges off the doors. My mom then channeled her inner Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict, to easier take the paint off the hinges, then it was all re-installation after the paint!

I can safely say that something I did do entirely on my own was paint the walls of this room and boy if that wasn’t that super fun. It’s between 11:00 at night and 1:00 in the morning, I’m crawling on ladders and balancing on countertops, wondering to myself, “Should I call someone just in case I fall down then at least they’d hear the line go silent?” I made it though, and so did the kitchen.



I’m a fan. It’s so fresh and so clean, clean. (Chance, if you’re reading, sorry for the internal / probable external cringe you just had while reading my attempt to prove I know some music that’s not country).

My Favorites


If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a massive fan of antiques. I’m pretty sure that every room contains an antique / vintage piece, and of course my kitchen is no exception. I adore these vintage kitchen supplies, and the small display shelves are ideal for them.


This picture contains two of the favorites! More antiques and my cookbooks as one, and the window as the second. I’m so glad that this shelf had the strength to hold the cookbooks, and the recipe box was a great $5.00 find. The window, instead of opening to the outside, peeks out into the reading room, so I’m never closed off to any guests who are in there (plus I just love looking into that room).

A couple of times I have thought about that I perhaps should have painted the cabinets a bright color, but I never can come up with what color that would definitively be (red is already out…blue? yellow?), so white it is. I do quite enjoy that the kitchen looks clean all the time with the white, and I’ll always be able to match that color with any other color!

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, so I’m glad it’s something I continue to like looking at🙂

After Tour – Dining Room

We continue our after tour of the house with the dining room! This is probably tied for my favorite room of the house with the reading room. It’s gone through the biggest transformation, and mixes my classic taste with my rustic antique taste in just the right way.


What Work Did I Do? 

First thing I should clarify is that when I say, “What work did do,” I really mean “What work did we do.” I could not have gotten any of this done without so much help. My family and friends worked their asses off for a week.

My dad’s old friend did a lot of the projects in the house that my parents & myself just weren’t quite up to speed on handling. That included pretty much this whole room’s worth of projects.

The tile and paint color in this room was horrendous. I was not even close to a fan of it, so it had to go. I elected to go with white beadboard halfway up the wall topped with chair rail. I wanted to keep the flow from room to room (I’m big into flow of this house), yet still have a distinction between the two rooms. I also knew that I planned on putting a touch of class in this room moreso than the other rooms, and felt that the beadboard / chair rail combination worked with the furniture in the room. I also splurged a little on a beautiful ceiling fan that is loads better than the white porcelain fan with roses on it that was there before.



Isn’t it beautiful??? Gosh I just love this room. It’s a gorgeous as you walk in from the front room and the front door, and I just love everything about it.

My Favorites


This bar was another antique store find. It’s versatile and doesn’t have to be a bar, but with the glass shelves, it works perfectly to display my wine glasses and store my wine.


This bench has been a longstanding part of my furniture in past apartments, but it’s never quite found a home before. It has now! It fits snug in the corner and adds seating while drawing attention to the telephone nook and wall print. The print is the first verse of the song, “For Good,” from the musical Wicked. It’s my friendship song with my friend Spencer, but also says what I love about most of my friends, and I’m pleased it’s also found a place.


My centerpiece that I created after my move! I found the tool box in my parents basement, and considered painting it, but decided to keep it as is and “class it up” with what’s inside! I’ve never been a huge fan of centerpieces, but my mom has a piece that I’ve come to love and I took some inspiration from her. I love that I will be able to change this with the seasons too.


My splurge!


This has been something my brain has been working on for awhile, and it’s finally come to pass. I love the saying that’s on the chevron piece. It’s truly one of my mantras and how I try to live every day. The art was done by my cousins, both at 10 years old (one is still 10 and one is now 15), and those two are a big part of my happy, so I’m glad the eye is drawn to the cluster of these three pieces as a showcase.

That’s my dining room! It fights for the spot of favorite room of the house along with the reading room (post after next). The kitchen is up next!

After Tour – Front / Theater Room

It’s been almost a month of officially being a homeowner. And while I’ve realized some things (double bills when you still have a lease aren’t fun, noises at night don’t help you sleep soundly, there will always be something left on the to-do list), it’s been an incredible month and I still wake up every morning excited about where I live.

Since the before tour was a long post, I decided to split up the after tour room by room. First up, the front / theater room!


What Work Did I Do?

In this room, paint was the only project that was done.  Two coats were painted on the ceiling, walls, & trim.  I still need to change the paint on the grate of the fireplace from the gold to the black, but I have slightly over two months to do that (and I didn’t want to wait that long to post pictures).



I wanted this to be my theater room. I worked at a movie theater all through college and developed a love for movies. As you can see, I have quite the collection (317 if I just counted right), but I also love live theater. I didn’t want it to be a BOOM in-your-face cheesy theater room, so I chose subtle ways of tying in the theme.

My Favorites


Before I moved in, the built-in bookshelves were covered up by curtains. The bookshelves are one of my favorite parts of this room. They have so much character, and they are part of a feature wall that makes a statement along with the fireplace, so I wanted to show them off! I featured theater antiques that I have found along the way, old scripts from my middle school plays, and my TV series that I have as ways to tie in the theater theme.


I found two of these directors chairs at one of my favorite antique stores in town, and I had to have them. They are a perfect addition to the room, adding seating while still providing fun and charm to the room. I found the popcorn pillow and the movie ticket pillow (on my couch in above pic) at Kirklands and I couldn’t resist.

I love that this room is the first that people see. It’s open and inviting, and while it’s focused on entertainment of the TV / Movie variety, it certainly has enough seating that people can just sit around and have a conversation. In my past apartments, I’ve had to display my movies and books in the same room, and I love that they can each have their moment in this house.

More house reveals coming soon!🙂


My Thoughts Reading “Me Before You”

A few months ago, the movie trailer for, “Me Before You,” dropped, and it was one of those movie trailers that made me go, “Ohhhhh boy. This is gonna completely wreck me.” Very few movies off the trailer and the trailer alone have made me feel this way. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, and The Best of Me come to mind as two others, but few do what these three have done. Enjoy the trailer now:

After some research and watching of one of the Youtubers I subscribe to (Bookables – she’s great, check her out), I discovered that this movie was based off of a book (as most movies are!). I had my doubts about reading it, mostly because I had I feeling I would have all the feels during it, so I was putting it off….UNTIL my coworker brought it to my office one day and basically flat out told me I had to read it, no questions asked. So I did. And I thought I’d share with you all my thoughts: spoiler alert!

I can do this. So what if everyone I know burst out into tears reading it? So what if the movie trailer straight up looks like it will absolutely wreck me? I can do it.

Okay, so if I keep putting off reading it, my friend will just forget she gave it to me and I won’t have to read it right?

Nope. She’s asked twice about it. Okay, here we go.

I’m pretty sure I ruined this for myself because I accidentally read an article tagline that talks about the main character committing suicide, sooooo. But maybe he doesn’t? He probably does. The whole book is ruined.

The sequel is called, “After You.” Somebody dies.

Louisa is on point.

Louisa’s parents are the most not nice people ever. Thank you mom & dad for being my friends AND my parents.

I’m confused by Louisa’s family life, but I feel like it’s not the main focus of the story. Moving on.

I want to go to The Buttered Bun.

Please can I live in England now?

Her boyfriend makes me feel like I need to go work out. Just maybe not to that extent.

She’s meeting with mom Traynor and I straight up would also have been confused with how ominous that meeting went.

Yup. Everything about her night before her first day is accurate nervous thoughts.

So Will’s kind of a jerk? Can’t say I blame him.

So much cleaning.

Oh my gosh his ex and his best friend. That’s rough. I would have broken the picture frames too.

*Skipping ahead slightly because it’s just gradual plot development of growing a routine and rapport between the the two characters but also because I decided to write this about 100 pages after starting the book.*

Why is his sister so mad? Did she not know he got in an accident?

Oh. My. God. They KNOW he wants to commit suicide. This book just hooked me.

I totally agree with Treena. She is brilliant.

The horse racing day gives me anxiety. Something is wrong here.

Will talking about how she’s just like everyone else and that’s a problem.  I can’t.

This concert is breaking my heart. How has the narrative not talked about her feelings and emotions changing yet? Because I would have been in love with Will two chapters ago.

He. Is. Going. To. Her. Birthday. Party.

“It was such an unthinking part of my daily life now that the intimacy of the gesture only struck me when I saw the shock on Patrick’s face.” That’s it. This book is going to rip my heart out.

BUMBLEBEE TIGHTS. He didn’t even like her when she told him that story and he still remembered.

Gosh Patrick is an ASS! Get over yourself!

*It’s at this point that I realize Patrick is played by Matthew Lewis aka Neville Longbottom in the movie and I have really mixed emotions because I love Matthew but hate this Patrick character and I just am not sure what to think about this.*

This is going to turn into one of those “We changed each other” storylines and I’m gonna fall for it and be a mess.

Now I want a tattoo again.

Louisa continuing to make stupid decisions where Patrick is concerned is making me like her so much less as a character.

Well I thought the will-creating guy was a guy from the suicide place, so honestly that one was kind of a relief for my fragile heart.

Wait….is he putting her in his will?

He’s dancing with her at the wedding that I can’t believe they went to. I’m so in for it now. Literally sighing those happy “Awwww” romantic sighs and I think I can feel my heart filling up.

Two and a half hours of reading probably isn’t good, and it’s creeping up on midnight so I should put the book down and finish tomorrow. THEN HE GOT PNEUMONIA.

*Skipping ahead because I could not think as I read about the most incredible trip and then the most heart wrenching exchange of feelings ever. I shed a few tears at this exchange but not near as much as I thought I would. I then start thinking that maybe I’ll be okay and I won’t cry at the end!*

What do you mean, she’s not going? What the hell? She isn’t flipping going?

Oh my goodness he’s still alive. He’s going to change his mind!

Louisa’s going to Switzerland to be with him while it happens. My heart.

*I am sobbing at this point. The rest of the book is just a soul-obliterating sequence of moments. There are tears streaming down my face and remain that way for about the last 20 pages of the book, to the very last page. *

This book was one of the best books I have read, and no I’m not just saying that because the movie trailer is good and Sam Claflin is the in lead role. The relationships between characters are so well-written, and you find yourself just having ALL THE FEELS as you read it. The end of the book takes your heart and rips it out, yes, but it also tapes itself back together in a bittersweet way. I don’t know if a sequel was part of the plan with the author or if that came later after the success of the book, but I know I’ll be reading it. I just might take a break first because I don’t know if my heart could take another doozy right after reading this one.
The movie comes out on August 30, and I am planning on renting it, watching it, crying through the whole thing, and I’ll probably spend that weekend just watching a whole bunch of tear jerker chick flicks (it’s such a shocker that I’m still single, I know).


Funs & Fails of Owning a House

And I quote…

“I’ll definitely be posting progress as we go, the first post coming up soon describing paint selections!”

That’s one of the last things that I wrote in my House Tour. To be fair, I definitely planned on being Blogger of the Year with this home repainting / housework process.  I was going to have a post all about paint, a post all about each small project that we did (complete with pictures, of course)…and then we actually started the work. So honestly? Blogging was the last thing on my mind (sleep was the first). But now, it’s been a couple weeks, I’ve made wonderful strides on my cute little house, so it’s back to blogging! Here’s how the house process has gone🙂

House Fun
Picking out paint colors! I decided to go with the same two colors for the entire house, rather than switching it up from room to room. I’m a big fan of gray, so that’s what I chose for the wall color. It went on the walls of the living room, dining room, hallway, & both bedrooms. And what a fun name too….Silvery Moonlight. 

For the trim color, as well as the walls in the kitchen, bathroom, reading room, & kitchen cabinets, I chose a white! Fun fact – I never thought there were so many colors of white until I went to look for them. After an hour of looking at paint samples in what has been my new favorite store Home Depot, and buying three different white samples, I chose White on White. The colors below aren’t precisely exact, but they’re close enough and give you a good idea.


House Fail
Actually painting the house! Oh my goodness, I was so sick of flipping paint by the end of it. I have absolutely incredible friends & family, and we somehow managed to paint six & a half ceilings and seven & a half rooms plus trim (two coats!) in only six days, but it was a monster. I had the greatest of intentions of using drop cloths, but it just became too much effort to move them, which resulted in paint all over the floor. I managed to walk in paint in my tennis shoes, then all over the hardwood. So I took my shoes off, then repeated that exact same thing in socks. I was a hot mess. Climbing up and down a ladder was an obnoxious ordeal, I was in pain for seven days, and I even found paint in my eye one night, stuck to my contact. In. My. Eye. 

House Fun
Figuring out how to decorate your new house! Gosh, it’s such an exciting feeling to envision your rooms and what will go in them.
House Fail
In order to move to a new house, one must first pack the old apartment. I started with great intentions, and actually packed up a lot of rooms about a month before the house move. And then there were two weeks left…then one…then it was the day before and I spent three hours finishing packing up the apartment that I thought only had 20 minutes left to pack. 

House Fun
Projects! The bead board & new ceiling fan in the dining room absolutely transform the room, my bookshelves make me smile every time I look at them, my bathroom color scheme is on point, the kitchen cabinets are so much better in white. Pretty much all the projects I did (or rather my family friend Jim did) look incredible in my house, increased the value of the home, and enabled me to make my house my dream.
House Fail
The endless trips to Home Depot, Menards, and a local hardware store not only broke the bank, but almost broke my patience. You think you have everything you need, then you need more paintbrushes.  Then you need more paint. Then more switchplate covers. Then more paint. And it just goes on and on. Even after you move, you need to make trips! Who knew dryer venting needed a clamp to keep it actually attached to the dryer? I do now! Plus the increasingly obvious fact that I am not Handy Manny as I would like to think. I have to put hinges back on my kitchen cabinets this weekend, and I literally have no idea what I’m doing. 

There are certainly more funs than fails of owning a house, and it’s most definitely easy to recognize that. Within two hours of owning, I was thankful that I was no longer renting (although technically I’m still renting through the end of September), and every single day I’m so happy when I look around. I haven’t quite decided which room is my favorite, because it changes whenever I go to a different room.

I truly do plan on taking you all on an after tour of my home. It just may not be as soon as I wanted. Oh well. Life is fluid.

Oh, and if you’re thinking about repainting your entire house? Don’t.