Word of the Year

I’ve been seeing a lot of those “Word of the Year” posts circulating on the interwebs lately. K-Love talked about how the Oxford word of the year is “toxic” (how sad!) and Merriam Webster’s word of the year is “justice.” This year, I realized that my word for 2018 has been fulfillment. When I look back on my year, I have come to understand that fulfillment is … Continue reading Word of the Year

Leaving it Behind – Literally

Disclaimer: For the purposes of this story, the gentleman in question’s name is Bill. Spoiler alert: it’s not actually Bill.  Okay, people, strap in. A few things from my last post.  I have not been doing well. My house has been a MESS, I haven’t really exercised since my 5K on August 11, I haven’t been to church in three weeks because quite frankly, I’ve … Continue reading Leaving it Behind – Literally