I Fell Off the Wagon…Then Got Tattoos

Honestly, I could leave this post with the title and it would accurately relay what the content would be about. But what’s the fun in that??

As you could ascertain from my most recent post, I. Did. So. Well. I hit my halfway point on my weight loss and WON my weight loss challenge!!!! That was on a Monday. Here’s how it’s gone since then:

  • Monday: Bachelor finale. Did okay. Ate a cupcake and one glass of wine.
  • Tuesday – Thursday: ¬†Good job for Torey! I was just fine on my calories.
  • Friday – NOW: Ummmmm. I haven’t counted once. It was just supposed to be Friday since I was in KC with friends, but it’s turned into a whole long bad week of eating.

So now what? Well, I’m leaving on a jet plane tonight to go to Indianapolis. I’m not about to tell myself that I’m going to be healthy while on vacation. My friend Kari & I have already planned on eating all of the following: pizza / cheese breadsticks, popcorn, Oreos, cheddar sour cream potato chips, Mexican food, and let’s be real….wine. So I will let myself enjoy the weekend as a “last weekend,” of sorts. Because at the end of the day, my goal is 200….not halfway to 200. So I will start again on Monday! New challenge, new motivation, new rewards at the end of it (mostly my clothes fitting better).


Nowwwwww to a slightly more exciting topic of conversation – my tattoos! If you don’t know me well, here’s a little tidbit about my personality: I am a goody two shoes who over analyzes every little decision of her life and doesn’t do anything unless it’s been very carefully planned out and the pros & cons have been weighed and measured with my family. This was a decision that yes, while I’ve been contemplating for five years, was made and done for ME without thinking about everyone else’s opinions. Here’s the results! ūüôā


They’re on the inside of each ankle. The Mickey Mouse head and lightning bolt are on the right and the sentiment on the left. I absolutely love them and I am thrilled with how they turned out. ‚̧

Off to Indy I go!!!

Maybe Leggings ARE Pants

The weight loss challenge is over!!!! It was an eight week challenge (9 total weigh ins). Here’s the progress:

-Pre-Challenge Doctors’ Office Weigh In: 242
-Week 1: 239.2
-Week 2: 233.8
-Week 3: 234
-Week 4: 230.4
-Week 5: 227.4
-Week 6: 229.8
-Week 7: 224.8
-Week 8: 224
-Week 9: 221
Total Pounds Lost: 21
Body Fat Percentage Lost: 8.8%

unnamed (1)

I am so proud of myself, anddddd I WON THE CHALLENGE! I won $135.00, just in time for my trip to Indianapolis next weekend! To be honest, the results I saw and felt were motivation enough for me to continue my journey, but MAN! A tangible, hold-in-your-hand, spend it money sure does help motivate too! ūüôā

Results pics and motivation pics. To be honest, I don’t have that great of images to post, because I was not good and didn’t take good before pictures. BUT these tell you a little bit and also help tell my story so far.

The image on the left is the before¬†picture and the image on the right is the after¬†picture. Yes, the before pic is 21 pounds heavier than the after pic. I can see a difference, but it’s my body, and it’s hard to tell that there is a difference. Once again…not great pictures. But like I mentioned in the very beginning, I loved the way I looked before I started this challenge. You can tell that in the¬†before picture. I love the way I look now, and you can tell that in the¬†after¬†picture too. The big thing about the¬†after¬†picture is what I have courage to do now that I didn’t have before I lost the weight…wear leggings as pants.

I have been a firm believer that leggings are NOT pants! However,since losing the weight, I have found that I’m very comfortable wearing leggings, and you can make them look cute! It kills my mother (sorry mom!), but that’s a change I’ve noticed. I’ve been able to buy some shirts & pants I wouldn’t have fit into 21 pounds ago, so that is also reassuring!

Speed round of other motivating / happy things about losing the weight:

  • It’s getting easier and easier to count calories and eat less.
  • I love working out. If I don’t work¬†out almost every day, I’m on edge.
  • I see and feel results every day.
  • I really don’t even like cheating that much anymore. I don’t worry about it when I do cheat, but I don’t find myself wanting or needing to anymore.

While the weight loss to this point IS very exciting, I’m not done. Monday’s weigh-in could be interesting because I’ve had a Bachelor finale watch party this week AND two showings of Beauty and the Beast this weekend, but like my weigh-ins show earlier, not all weeks are for losing. I won’t stop til 200, and maybe not even then! Halfway sure feels good though ūüôā

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of Weight Loss

Weigh In Updates: 
-Week 1: 239.2
-Week 2: 233.8
-Week 3: 234
-Week 4: 230.4
-Week 5: 227.4
-Week 6: 229.8
-Week 7: 224.8
Total Pounds Lost: 14.4
Body Fat Percentage Lost: 6%

I am incredibly proud of myself for starting and keeping up with this journey. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been doing it for six weeks, and haven’t really dropped much of my motivation. I’m still encouraged for the rest of my journey. However, sometimes, it’s hard because while 14.4 pounds is great…there’s still 224.8 to go. WHICH leads me to the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly parts of weight loss.

-I drink more water & less soda! I can’t give up my blood supply… I mean Diet Dr Pepper…but I drink far less of it now.
-I LOVE my fitness classes and genuinely look forward to them. I do kickboxing twice a week, zumba three times a week, and try to walk / run at least one of the other two days. I’m hoping to train for another 5K (we’ll see), and if I can’t do a zumba class, I work out to one of these bad boys. The Fitness Marshall is HILARIOUS and it’s a great workout.

-My stomach is shrinking. I find myself full after eating far less than I used to. -I never crave fast food anymore. If anything, I crave Panera salads (seriously, their Romaine & Kale Caesar salad is to die for).
-Since I eat in far more than I eat out, I’m saving money!
-I am starting to visibly see results when I look in the mirror. I’m thinner now! -My pants & workout shorts are fitting much better.
-I sleep exceptionally well. I hardly ever have any times “awake,” and always less than ten times “restless” on my fitbit when I check my sleep tracking.
-I am hardly ever tired during the day anymore. I have much more energy!

-I still battle hunger. There are days (especially rest days) where I am starving all day.
-Cheat days somtimes turn into three cheat days. I do pretty good of limiting my cheating though.
-Sometimes, I have to say no to going out to eat with friends because I don’t have enough calories left, and sometimes that’s sad.
-I haven’t had wine in six weeks.
-The longer I go with this, the more I want to cheat. I’m not sure why this isn’t the opposite. I think it’s because I see results, so I feel like if I cheat, it’s okay? I have no idea.
-Calorie counting can get hard & frustrating sometimes. You have to count everything. Measuring out tablespoons of ketchup is obnoxious.
-It’s a big guessing game. Am I recording the right amount of minutes of exercise? Is that¬†really¬†how many calories are in a taco?¬†How many over or under should I truly stay each day? Can I overeat by 300 one day if I undereat by 300 the next (answer? no).

-I literally screamed at an olive oil bottle in my kitchen one night when I realized olive oil does in fact have calories.
-You can occasionally find me measuring M&Ms ounce by ounce (one M&M at a time) just so I don’t overeat on chocolate.
-Today, I legitimately had a slight meltdown at the complications I faced in simply trying to order my kale & romaine salad.
-Also today…I licked every last bit of peanut butter off of a paper plate.
-There are days where out goes the green beans and nuts, and in comes the cookie.
-900 calories left you say? Just enough for an order of Pizza Hut cheese breadsticks with marinara sauce!

There are far more good things than bad (don’t go counting, it’s even), and the good outweighs (HAHA!) the bad. All I can do is continue to work my butt off, and hope the pounds go with it! I have no intentions of stopping until my first goal weight…and then we’ll set another one.

Who can relate? What are your goods, bads, and uglies?

Wisdom Teeth, Please Come Back

In my last post, I referenced that I really was thankful, because three days after my wisdom teeth extraction, I was doing well! And I was. But apparently my teeth heard that and decided to prove me wrong. So….six days after my surgery, I finally have some things to say about my recovery process.

  • Pain pills? I love you, but a couple of your side effects are causing me to want¬†to take a pain pill for my pain pill.
  • I was told I can’t go to “high impact” workout classes (aka Zumba & Kickboxing) for one week. I get why I can’t,¬†I really do, but I’m about done with sitting down and doing fancy stretching (aka Pilates & Yoga). Kudos to those that it helps, but honestly? I’ll be happy if I never go to another Yoga or Pilates class again.
  • When you can’t work out and you’re still on a diet, you limit your calorie intake by about 500 calories per day. I’m hungry…..all the time.
  • There is no pain quite like the pain of accidentally chewing with your back teeth while recovering from wisdom teeth surgery.
  • Foods I eat almost daily: chips, carrots, apples, 100 cal cookie crisps, nuts.
  • Foods I still can’t eat because it hurts & I can’t use my back teeth yet: chips, carrots, apples, 100 cal cookie crisps, nuts.
  • It’s a really good thing I love applesauce so much.
  • I can’t wait until I don’t have to be nervous about the next mealtime.
  • I never knew that it took two whole minutes to eat a Ritz cracker since you can only chew with your front teeth.
  • How long can apples sit out on the counter top before it comes dangerous to eat them?
  • Has it been six hours or four hours since my last pain pill?

In conclusion, I’m over this mess. I’d like to end this post with a letter:

Dear two gaping holes with stitches on them just chilling in the back of my mouth,

Stop. Hurting. So. Much.


Hungry, Exhausted, Sore, & Out of Shape aka Torey Nicole


Ultimate Harry Potter Tag

So….I got my wisdom teeth removed on Friday. ¬†I consider myself fairly lucky in the fact that my recovery has gone quite well. For me, the first day was the worst day because of the anesthetic. Three days later,¬†I’m finally back on solid foods, and I’m off pain pills. I couldn’t really talk about my surgery for a whole post, and honestly, nothing much has changed in my life since my life update, so I decided to write about one of my favs…Harry Potter. I’m making my way through the final book, and I’m watching the sixth movie as I type this, so I figured I’d write about it! I googled “Harry Potter tag,” and it led to this page.

1) Favorite book?download
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.¬†As I’ve reread my way through the books, my favorites have been reinforced (OOTP & DH). While I’m not fully through Deathly Hallows, I’m fairly confident that it will remain my favorite.

2) Least favorite book?
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This was surprising to me on my reread, but it’s true. Prior to my reread, I was fairly partial to GOF, but honestly, it just infuriated me more than anything this time around. I don’t really understand the purpose of the Triwizard Tournament, I have a hard time understanding Dumbledore, and the book just feels out of place.

3) Favorite movie?
I’m watching the films as I read the books, so I haven’t gotten to the last two, but I’m pretty sure it’s still going to be¬†Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.¬†

4) Least favurite movie?
Same as the books, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, for pretty much the same reasons.

5) Favorite quote?
This one is hard, but I really think I’ve got to go with:
“After all this time.” -Dumbledore
“Always.” -Snape

6) Favorite Weasley?

7) Favorite female character?
I mean who else could I say but Hermione??

8) Favorite villain?
I’m a Slytherin, my patronus is a cat, and my favorite color is pink. So naturally, I have to say my spirit animal, Dolores Umbridge. This is also true though. ¬†I think Voldemort is kind of boring honestly, and not really his own villain since he has everyone do his dirty work for him. While Bellatrix gives me nightmares, I think Umbridge was the most pure evil and had the most direct impact on the greatest amount of other characters.

9) Favorite male character?
Harry Potter! I think he’s the most underrated of main characters in any series, and he deserves far more credit than he’s given.

10) Favorite professor?
Albus Dumbledore. I love McGonagall too (she’s so fierce), but in rereading the books, my admiration and respect for Dumbledore has grown exponentially.

11) Would you rather A) Wash Snape’s hair or B) Spend a day listening to Lockhart rant about himself?
Wash Snape’s hair.

12) Would you rather duel A) An elated Bellatrix or B) An angry Molly?
Of course A. Ignorance can be beaten, anger like Molly’s can’t.

13) Would you rather travel to Hogwarts via A) Hogwarts Express or B) Flying car?
Of course the Hogwarts Express!!!

14) Would you rather A) Kiss Voldemort or B) Give Umbridge a bubble bath?
This question is stupid. Probably A?

15) Would you rather A) ride a Hippogriff or B) ride a Firebolt?

16) Is there a character you felt differently about in the movies?
Ginny! Book Ginny was such her own character that was able to be developed independently, and she was a force to be reckoned with. In the movies, all they did was make her a love interest, and that’s just sad.

17) Is there a movie you preferred to the book?
Not at all.  Books always trump films.

18) Richard Harris or Michael Gambon as Dumbledore?
I¬†think this question is slightly unfair since we didn’t really have an opportunity to see how Richard Harris could have developed. I would have to say Michael Gambon simply because we were exposed to him more.

19) Your top thing (person or event) that wasn’t in the movie that you wanted there the most?
This one is tough. Probably Peeves. I think it added fun humor to the books, and he was actually in them quite often. I think that would have been fun to see translated to the screen.

20) If you could remake any of the Harry Potter movies which would it be?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.¬†This movie was honestly just boring. I understood it’s purpose, but I think they could have hurried the narrative more than they did to tell the story. It didn’t need to be as long as it was.

21 Which house was your first gut feeling you’d be a part of?
Gryffindor, because it’s the house that you instinctively are conditioned to view as the best. I was very young when I read the books, and naturally wanted to be part of the “best house.”

22) Which house were you actually sorted into on Pottermore?
Slytherin! Truly, this was difficult for me to take. I’d always put myself in Gryffindor, but as time has gone by, I truly do see why I’m a Slytherin, and I embrace it now!

23) Which class would be your favorite?
Transfiguration! I don’t know why, but this one has always interested me the most.

24) Which spell do you think would be most useful to learn?
It’s not a¬†spell persay, but I would say Apparation. Gosh, that’d be so convenient.

25) Which character do you think you’d instantly become friends with?
Luna. She and I march to the same weird drum.

26) If you could own one of the three Hallows, which would it be?
The Invisibility Cloak

27) Is there any aspect of the books you’d want to change?
Nope. Even though there are parts of the books I don’t like, I wouldn’t change any part of them. JK knew exactly what she was doing!

28) Favorite Marauder?
Remus. I feel that he was the most level headed and always was able to think through situations without emotion getting in the way.

29) If you could bring one character back to life, which would it be?
So difficult. I have very strong opinions on bringing Snape back, bringing Dumbledore back, Fred, and more. But Dobby over all of them is the one I would choose to bring back. It just killed my soul when he died, especially watching that onscreen, and he was such a selfless character.

30) Hallows or Horcruxes?
Hallows. I have no desire to commit murder or split my soul

There you go! My Ultimate Harry Potter tag.

My So-Called Life

Walking around tonight at my house, part of what has become part of my¬†incredibly predictable daily routine, I realized I needed to write, but had no idea what to write about. Also becoming part of my routine. I have about ten draft posts that I’ll start when I have an idea, but none of those sounded appealing either. Sooooo, I decided just to write about my life and what’s up with it.

The Diet Life
This part of my life is going really well! I’m down 12 pounds, and I am starting to feel so good. I look forward to my exercise classes, I can tell my stomach is shrinking, clothes are starting (just barely) to fit a little better, I sleep better, have more energy, and am craving water. Sometimes, I have to tell myself that I looooove calorie counting (case in point tonight when I found myself cursing the fact that olive oil has calories), and there’s been a few setbacks, but ultimately, it’s going well and I feel great about it.

The Dating Life

Image result for palm to forehead gif

Lord have mercy, how do people do this? You pretty much go back and forth between feeling empowered, embarrassed, and desperate in equal parts. I’m currently trying to decide if I feel like paying for another year of one dating site, discontinue that one but pay for another one, or just say to hell with it and stop all the apps. Who knows?

The Faith Life
Man, God is so good, you guys.¬†This past fall, a potential relationship didn’t play out how I wanted it to at the time, and it’s been one of those ones where I’m just like, “Okay God, what’s the plan here?” This past weekend, the message was one that I needed to hear, and it was exactly when God wanted me to hear it. I’m starting a small group (hopefully!), and continuing with involvement in the singles ministry leadership team. Like I said, God is good.

The Bachelor Life
Ohhhhh my goodness. I have such a love-hate relationship with this show. Let’s be real, it’s a complete and total trainwreck. but I truly can’t stop watching it! I go throughout the week, completely nonchalant, and then on Tuesday evening, it’s BAM! I can’t get home fast enough. It’s been kind of boring the last couple weeks, but last night’s episode was so good! Nick, the horribly annoying man, got rid of three women on dates, and just like that, he’s down to six! I honestly am thinking I’m rooting for Raven and Corinne at this point. Yep, I said Corinne.

The Rest of My Life Life
Work is going well! Our big event came and went, and my body is finally done yelling at me for not giving it enough sleep. I still love my house. I’m planning a trip to Indianapolis at the end of next month (I CANNOT WAIT), and I’m trying not to completely freak out about the fact that I am getting my wisdom teeth taken out in a week and a half (don’t worry, my mom is well aware she is to tape me while on sedation). I’m thinking about getting a dog, FINALLY got my credit card paid off (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and I am going to continue hoping that the next time I come to you in this blog, it’s about something more interesting than an update of my so-called life.

Thoughts on Week 1

Week One Weigh In: 239.2

Okay, so I’ve officially been on the weight loss challenge for four days!¬†I’m going to share some of the goods and bads with you, because I have allllll the thoughts.

I have worked out every day the last four days! 
Working out is kicking. my. ass. Walking up the stairs at work is a (literal) pain with every step.
I have done well with my calorie counting! I’ve been under my calorie count every day this week.
I’m so hungry all the time! I know that once my stomach shrinks, it will be much easier, and once I learn how to space out the calories I’ll be good too. But man, in the meantime, I’m hungry.
I’m starting to love working out. Tonight’s Zumba workout was¬†amazing.¬†The energy you feel after a workout is seriously unparalleled.
I’m really tired. And like I said, it’s kicking my ass. My body is definitely feeling it.

I cannot explain in mere words how excited I am that tomorrow is a rest day AND a cheat day. I’m allowing myself to have one cheat item a week, and this week’s item is a Panera chocolate chip bagel with hazelnut cream cheese. ¬†To know that I not only will get to eat that, but also won’t have to die through a 45 minute workout?? Like I said, mere words can’t explain.

(I would have videotaped myself¬†with a happy dance, but I don’t think I can move like that right now).

Truly after week one, I’m feeling pretty good. Yes, I’m hungry, but it’s not horrible. The workouts are getting easier with each one, and I feel better and overall more energized from day to day. We’ll see how I do this weekend – they’re always the hardest!