Christmas (and Birthday!) Celebrations

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Actually, it’s my favorite day of the year if I’m being honest. The magic, the decorations, the lights, the FOOD!!! But my favorite part about Christmas is spending it with family. This year, we had celebrations for four days straight, because that’s how we do holidays.

This year was especially exciting for me, because it was the first time I hosted family for the holidays. I decided to have a Christmas Eve Eve Game Night. It was a great chance to show off my new(ish) apartment, especially since it’s all done up for the holidays. Here’s some of my favorites:

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent at my parents house. We pretty much ate the entire two days. If we weren’t eating, we were sleeping, playing games, or laughing. We are a loud family who loves to laugh, and we certainly do a lot of it each year. The most people we had at my parents house at one time was 18 – so my mom can also be referred to as a saint.

My cousin Brett’s birthday is the day after Christmas. He turned 14 this year, so we celebrated by going out to dinner and coming back for a 3 hour game of Baconopoly (Brett LOVES pigs & bacon, so hence the theme of the game). THREE. HOURS. My goal in any kind of Monopoly is to go bankrupt as fast as possible, and well, this year, that didn’t work out so well. Third place, baby, on the first of what the birthday boy wants to make an annual tradition.

I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas this year. As for tonight, I’m going to continue coping with the inevitable return to real life tomorrow by trying not to drool (too much) over Richard Gere in “Pretty Woman.” ❤

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