SOTW – “Drunk On Your Love” – Brett Eldredge


The inaugural “Song of the Week,” (well, the inaugural SOTW post that is), is a new country single by Brett Eldredge. Working at a country music radio station, I’d like to think I have some wise words to say about the lyrics, melody, general musical overtones & undertones all in regards to what makes me love this song. Buttttt…..I work in promotions, not programming or music selection, so I can’t tell you any of that.  But I can tell you why I love this song.

“Drunk On Your Love” is Eldredge’s second single off of his ‘Illinois’ album, following “Lose My Mind.” This single is, in my opinion, the strongest of the two by far. I just think it’s so darn catchy! It starts with an easy to follow beat that really just makes you want to snap your fingers and bob your head (the two worst dance moves I have according to my brother), and then continues with a super fun song about a guy who just gets a high out of his lady’s love. Three minutes later, and you’ve got a song on repeat, like this one has been the last (more than a) week.

Give it a listen!


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