SOTW – “Alone Tonight” – Chris Young

“When you make plans, God laughs.” I truly have come to believe this saying is true, especially the older I get. When you’re little, you think being in high school will easy and perfect. Then you fast forward to the incredibly awkward four years that IS high school, and you think college is easy. Repeat this process until you’re a 25 year old who plans to blog two-three times a week, and finds herself only blogging once in a week.ย Once is better than none, though, and considering my work schedule (more on that in a future post….maybe), I’ll take it.

Last week, my mom and I were driving around and heard Chris Young’s new single, “Think of You,” and I COULD NOT GET ENOUGH. A couple days later, ย decided to listen to his new album, and that is where I found one even better, my new addiction which is this week’s SOTW, “Alone Tonight.”

This. Song. Is. So Good. Chris Young already has a pretty sexy voice, and what I consider a true country sound (occasional twang and all) with his vocals and song choices. I’m a big fan of finding a good balance between “Old” and “New” country, and this song does it well. It’s not been released as a single (yet?), but some of my favorites are those that are never released to radio.

I love a song that play on its own words, and this does so in such a creative way. “You don’t have to be alone tonight…{insert other chorus words here}…let’s go somewhere where you and I can be all alone tonight.”

RIGHT LADIES???? I would go somewhere and be all alone with him. Any night.


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