Airport Dos & Don’ts

This past weekend, I traveled to Memphis, Tennessee for work. The radio station I work for raises money for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and every January, hundreds of radio station employees travel TO the hospital to see the work we do. We travel by plane, and though I have traveled on airplanes multiple times, I’m still amazed by what happens in airports.

Because of this, I feel the need to “share my wisdom” so to speak. Granted, this comes from entirely my perspective and my perspective alone, so it’ll help you out immensely if you ever find yourself on a plane with me…or someone exactly like me. Either way, here you go – some DOS and DON’TS when you’re traveling on an airplane.

-Waste an opportunity to go to the bathroom: Let me tell you people, if you drink a coffee, drive an hour, and then wait in an airport for an hour & a half: GO TO THE BATHROOM. You will regret it if you don’t. I’ve never had to go to the bathroom more in my life than sitting waiting to deplane for twenty minutes.
-Leave your coat on the plane: Yeah, I did this too. The flight attendants don’t much appreciate you messing up the boarding process all for your simple, albeit super cute pea coat that matches with everything.
-Let your kids be a complete menace: I get it. Traveling with kids is insanely hard. I know it is. They don’t have a good attention span, they don’t have a big bladder. Trust me, I get it. But for the love of chocolate, PLEASE keep your children under control. There’s absolutely no reason for them to be kicking the back of my seat for two hours.
-Recline your seat: Attention everyone ever flying in an airplane….you do not have much leg room. That means if you recline your seat, the person behind you has even less leg room. It’s two hours on a plane – less than what an average movie theater is with no reclining seats. So don’t do it in a plane either.

-Dress smart: 
What is the point of wearing three inch high heeled boots with skinny jeans, lots of bangles and necklaces, and a fancy blouse? I mean, to each their own, but man it’s so much easier to get through that security line in a sweater and jeans. Keep in mind though…..glitter shirts make you light up on the detector like a Christmas tree. You then get a full pat down. So just dress smart.
-Check your rollerboard carry on: There is absolutely NO NEED to carry a rollerboard suitcase as your flippin carry on, no matter how small. Just don’t do it. But if you do insist on it, then just check it when you board the plane. You never open the overhead bin to touch your suitcase anyway, so just don’t keep everyone else waiting.
-Make friends on the plane: You don’t have to talk the whole flight, but at least make an effort to visit with your seatmates! I met a lovely couple from Connecticut, a woman from West Virginia visiting her daughter that goes to college at my alma mater, and a man from North Carolina making his way home. It’s so much fun to learn about other people, even if it’s just for an hour!
-Appreciate what’s happening. Air travel is absolutely incredible. One of the best feelings I’ve ever had is looking out the window and randomly seeing a beautiful body of water below me, then on the next flight, when I’m coming home to see the familiar layout of rural America. So many people don’t have the privilege to fly, so appreciate what you’re experiencing when you do.

Happy flying!


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