SOTW – “Fast Car” – Boyce Avenue feat. Kira Grannis

A little bit of a throwback for this week’s SOTW. The original version of this song was recorded by Tracy Chapman in 1988. Check it out HERE.

Little bit of background – I discovered Boyce Avenue one day studying for a final in college listening to Pandora. I soon discovered that almost everything they do is acoustic, and that absolutely everything they do is fabulous.

Boyce Avenue’s cover features Kira Grannis, and uses both male and female vocals which makes this song more of a story. The guitar is on point, as per Boyce Avenue’s usual.  Kira’s vocals over Alejandro’s (my future husband!) in the chorus is absolutely beautiful.  This is the kind of song that makes you want to take your car out for a drive, fast or not. My favorite part, which kudos is owed to the songwriters on this one, is the line in the chorus, “City lights lay out before us and your arm felt nice wrapped ’round my shoulder.” Is that not the best? I hear that lyric and can literally FEEL what that would be like. This song makes you experience everything they’re feeling because it’s so much like life! Everyone understands the temptation to drive away and start over…everyone understands the wonder of driving into a new city…everyone understands what it feels like to be let down by someone we care about. Gosh, I just love it. It just makes me feel ALL THE FEELS.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Do you like Tracy’s or Boyce’s better?


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