I Am a Little Obsessed with Ed Sheeran Right Now

Song of the Week, I’ve decided, is a wonderful idea for the footer of this webpage, but is NOT the best idea for my weekly posts.  I could write about songs for weeks, but the problem came this week, when I became completely addicted with more than one song off of the Wembley Edition of Ed Sheeran’s “X” album. I’ve long loved Ed Sheeran’s music, and my best friend Caitlin got to meet him, so that kinda counts as me meeting him right?

Honestly, thank goodness that my Spotify at work stopped working. That led me to Ben Rector radio on Pandora, which led to “Touch and Go” by Ed Sheeran. Okay, so this song….it’s insane good. His guitar playing is out of this world, and it’s very acoustic, which is my fav. I then started listening to the rest of the “X” album. I’ve listened to the Wembley Edition (don’t ask me what the difference between it and the normal one is, I have no clue), and all the songs are SO GOOD. Here’s some of my favorites. Yes…there’s four…I warned you.



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