February Favorites!

A friend of mine recently put a blog post up about “Favorite Things February,” where she’ll be posting her favorite products every Monday of February.  Check her blog out HERE.  I absolutely loved the idea, and as my mentor said, “The best ideas are borrowed,” so I decided to try my spin on it.  I won’t be posting every week in February, but I think occasionally I’ll write posts about my favorite things, starting with this one!  These are either products that I recommend or things I’m just a little obsessed with…or both.  Let’s be honest, 99.9% of the time it’s both.  Click on the picture of each item to learn more or to buy it!

Blue Sky Enterprise Monthly 11” x 8.75” Wall Calendar

I am a BIG fan of calendars, because I’m a big fan of staying organized, and this is by far my favorite.  It is the perfect size to carry to meetings that fits in a purse or any other bag well.  The daily spots are large enough to list two or three events if you have a really busy day, and it’s easy to flip from month to month to quickly check a date.  My job requires me to keep three radio stations’ events straight, plus my own life, so I take out my colored pens, and go to town color coding everything I need to schedule.  The best part?  It only costs $5.00.

Suave Professionals Refresh and Revive Dry Shampoo

dry shampoo.jpg
Let’s face it.  There are some nights where you just don’t want to take a shower.  It just takes a lot of effort, and it’s not worth it.  This is where my dry shampoo comes in.  Spray it a few times on my part and all throughout my layers, shake it out, run a brush through it, and I’m good to go!  Occasionally, I’ll put it on even when I don’t “need” it as much, because it adds volume to my hair as well!

COVERGIRL LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara

I’m really not a big makeup fan.  I take about ten total minutes in the morning to put all my makeup on, so I look for products that fit with my low maintenance budget and my low maintenance makeup life.  This mascara fits both of those criteria.  It’s quite simple to apply, and it dries fast.  I can blink immediately after putting it on, and it doesn’t show up on my cheek!  As the name implies, it doesn’t clump, and it comes in multiple colors.  My fav is brown/black.

The Last Five Years

Okay, people.  I am ADDICTED to this movie musical.  The original was written and premiered in Chicago in 2001.  It’s been around for awhile, but I didn’t really know about it until I recently watched the film adaptation with Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan on Netflix.  I cannot get enough of it.  I’ve watched the movie twice in a week, and been listening to the soundtrack on repeat.  It’s all music, not a whole lot of dialogue, but it’s so well done and every song is so good.  I usually don’t like 100% of the songs in musicals, but with this one, there is not one bad song.  The film tells the story of Cathy & Jamie, and is told from each of their individual perspectives.  Cathy’s begins at the end of the five years, Jamie’s begins at the start of it, and they meet in the middle.  Seriously, go check it out on Netflix right now.  Well…finish reading this post, then go check it out.

Kohl’s The Big One Super Soft Plush Throw

If I had to pick five things in my apartment to keep, and get rid of absolutely everything else, I would pick my bear and the other four items would be these blankets.  They are that good.  They are a “throw” blanket, but would easily fit on a twin bed, and they are so comfy and warm.  The plush material is perfect, and they keep up their quality for years.  I buy one ever y year.  Pro Tip: Every year on Black Friday, Kohl’s sells these for $9.00.  They come in different patterns, and it’s such a good gift idea!

Food / Drink
International Delight Mocha Light Iced Coffee

I am not a hot coffee drinker, but I love iced mocha coffee.  I have a few favorite coffee shops, but I started to realize that I was spending $10-$15 PER WEEK on this coffee, and that was just for two to three days.  I thought that there had to be a more affordable way to get my fix, and lo and behold, I found this!  This only costs $4, and I get about six coffees worth out of it.  Less than half of what I was spending for double the amount of coffee!  Plus it still tastes good, and for when I feel like counting calories, it doesn’t take up that many.

There you have it!! A few of my February favs!

Disclaimer: I didn’t get paid to endorse these products. I just love em’ for free 🙂 


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