People, being sick is one of the worst feelings. As an adult, I have found out that it is ten times worse than it is as a kid. Allow me to make some comparisons:

Sick as a Kid: 
**Mom and Dad stay home, make you food if you want it, let you drink all the soda that you want as long as it’s Sprite, and bring you movies and blankets without you even having to move.
Sick as an Adult:
**More than likely, you don’t live with mom and dad anymore, you don’t have Sprite on hand, and since you don’t want to move (that part is the same), you can’t watch movies or cuddle with blankets unless you get them yourself.

Sick as a Kid: 
**You stay home from school and know you’ll have homework, but it won’t be that bad and your teachers are super understanding of if it takes a little longer to complete your work.
Sick as an Adult:
**Your job doesn’t go away for two days just because you don’t go to it for two days.  The emails keep coming in, the deadlines are still there, and even though you are sick, you don’t want it to sound like an excuse to clients. Luckily, I have a great work environment and super understanding coworkers, but alas, still difficult.

Sick as a Kid:
**You’re usually not so sick that you can’t eat, and you can always find a comfortable position on your bed or recliner to sleep in.
Sick as an Adult:
**Food?? Hahaha. Getting comfortable to sleep?? Hahahaha. I didn’t eat for two days. I DID sleep for 19 hours, but it wasn’t what I would call comfortable.

Sick as a Kid:
**Once you’re better, you’re better!! Hooray!!!
Sick as an Adult:
**You have ONE good day, and then you get overwhelmed with the post-sickness cold.

If you can’t tell, I don’t do well when I’m sick. I have the best parents and the best friends for putting up with me, and cheers to hoping that the worst of it is over and I can answer Taylor Swift’s ever-present question with “Yes, we’re out of the woods.”


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