My Job & Why I Love It

Do you ever have one of those days where you at the end of it you think to yourself, “Holy crap. I am so lucky.” Well, let me tell you, today was one of those days.. To be really honest, I get far more of those days than I deserve. I have a wonderful family, I love my own little cozy apartment, I have a working vehicle, the best, most loyal friends out there…..but today’s feeling was inspired by what I do for a living. I. Love. My. Job.

I’m a Promotions Director for three radio stations in Topeka, Kansas. I call myself the “Free Advertising Department,” of the radio, which is partially true. I work with different businesses & community agencies to promote events that are going on around town. I also coordinate the giveaways that go on our stations (concert tickets, event tickets, board games!), and I’m the main event coordinator for our station events (which trust me…is a lot!). It fits my personality well, but my job is so much more than just its description.

The Company
Alpha Media is the 4th largest broadcasting company (station wise), 3rd largest (market wise) in the country. It’s headquartered out of Portland, Oregon, and people, they know what they’re doing. We believe in LIVE and LOCAL radio. What I love most about Alpha is the DNA of our company and the empowerment. They care about each and every market, each and every station, and empower us to succeed in every way they know how. More about our company DNA later. Click HERE to find out more about our company.

The People
I work with some outstanding people. As the promotions director, I’ve worked with each and every department on some level, and I’m so glad I do. That means I get to know everyone, and we have some great people at our stations. From the on-air personalities that are our “celebrities” to our traffic department, who are behind the scenes but truly make our hearts beat, we all work hard and we all care about making each other better. We also play hard, which leads me to

The Fun

LOOK at us! We have a good time. From potluck lunches (at least once a month), to ugly Christmas sweater parties (MY FAVORITE), and constant holiday decorations, there is always some way to have fun at work. What is the point of going to work if you don’t try to enjoy it?? We are so blessed that our receptionist and social committee coordinator gives us all sorts of ways to have fun, and I try to participate in every fun activity. IT MAKES ME HAPPY.

Our DNA……and Our Family 

Little bit of backstory – my parents are the hardest working people on the planet. They raised my brother and I to work hard for every penny, don’t ever feel entitled to anything (because you’re not), and don’t expect anything because of your name, education, or anything else that would give you an excuse to be lazy. And thank God they raised me that way.

Now, swinging around back to Alpha’s DNA. We are all about A Players. Our philosophy is to consistently build and grow the best and hardest working people we can find to make the team better and the company better. Here in Topeka, we call ourselves the A Team, because that’s what we strive to achieve and strive to be known as.

The guy holding up his jersey with mine is a coworker, yes, but he just so happens to be my uncle as well. He’s my biological family, but he’s also my work family.  Which leads me to my favorite part about my job and my coworkers. They’re not just coworkers….they’re family. And it’s not just a job….it’s a home.


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