My Disney Favs

As is evidenced by pretty much my whole life, I love Disney. It’s been somewhat apparent in these blog posts, but there can never be enough Disney, so here’s another one. I’ve been watching some Disney countdowns on youtube lately (yes, I do that), and it inspired me to write a post about some of my favorite Disney things.

Favorite Disney Sidekick
This was between Merryweather of Sleeping Beauty, Meeko of Pocahontas, and Scuttle of The Little Mermaid. Ultimately, Scuttle won out. He’s Ariel’s “key” to the outside world, and because of his misinformation, he leads her to some of the funniest moments of the movie, i.e. brushing her hair with a fork and playing the pipe. His best moment, though, is when he attempts the serenade of Ariel & Eric during their boat ride. He’s a kindred spirit of mine – neither of us has any hope of becoming a Grammy-winning recording artist.

Favorite Disney Song
This was potentially the most difficult decision I have made in a good long time. I spent over an hour looking through my Disney playlist and listening to different songs, but at the end, I narrowed it down to one: “Colors of the Wind,” from Pocahontas. It won the Oscar for Best Original Song, and listening to it, you understand why. My favorite lyric is the very last line: “You can own the Earth and still, all you’ll own is Earth until you can paint with all the Colors of the Wind.” Enjoy.

Favorite Disney Prince
Prince Freaking Eric, from The Little Mermaid. How do I love thee, Prince Eric? Let me count the ways. 1. You are a dreamboat. 2. You love dogs. 3. You are a protector, giving shelter to sweet little washed up on the beach Ariel. 4. You are repulsed by material objects, preferring the solace of your simple flute. 5. You slay Ursula for your true love. 6. You respect Ariel’s dad and his place in her life. 7…….do I really need to keep going?? Nobody tops Prince Eric. ❀

Favorite Disney Princess
Belle, from Beauty & the Beast, no contest. I get her every time I take those “Which Disney princess are you?” quizzes, I dressed up as her for Halloween one year, all my friends consistently compare me to her, I self-describe myself as her in my “About Me” blog sidebar….she is my spirit Disney princess. Belle is an independent young woman who don’t need no man, is close with her family, enjoys the simple things in life, loves to read, sees past exterior shells of people to their souls. I love her. She’s flaw-free.

Favorite Disney Movie
Here we go, the favorite to end all Disney favorites. This is not only my favorite Disney movie, but my favorite movie.  And the winner is…Pocahontas. Not enough praises can be given to this movie. Between the characters (Meeko! Grandmother Willow! Wiggins!), the songs (Just Around the Riverbend is another gem), the story, Pocahontas & John Smith’s meet-cute (check it out below!), and so much more, this movie takes everything I love about movies and everything I love about Disney and flawlessly puts them both together. Plus, as my dear friend Sharnee says, Pocahontas has COLORED WIND!!! You can’t beat colored wind.

There you have it! My Disney favorites! What are your Disney favs??


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