When Life Gives You Lemons

Okay, everybody, this is a truth talk. Truthfully? Life gets hard sometimes. It’s confusing, and frustrating, and it’s hard to figure out! You can try, and you can go over and over things in your mind and it will never make sense, no matter how much you overthink it. So…sometimes, life gives you lemons. A lot of damn lemons. Lately, this has been my life. Lots. Of. Lemons. Here they are in a nutshell:

  • One of my best friends is moving to New York.
  • My brother is coming up on college graduation, and going through the job hunt.
  • Someone I care about is going through what I can only imagine is an impossible situation, and I have no idea how to help.
  • Changes at work! Not good, not bad…just change!
  • Should I buy a house?
  • What does my faith look like, and how do I learn to rely on my faith? Can my logical brain learn to leave it up to God?

I’ve always kind of loved the phrase “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” because it’s such a good outlook on what you can do with confusing situations in your life. You can either be upset that you have lemons, or you can make lemonade. Being the natural happy person that I try to be, I’m going to make lemonade. Well…at least I’m going to try. Right now, I think I’m in the middle of squeezing the lemons aka destressing with my creature comforts while thinking of ways to figure my life out. Here’s what I’m doing right now:

  •  Coloring in my new coloring book. Coloring has always been a great way for me to escape, and right now, I just need a little escape.
  • Listening to Disney music. Pretty much every day.
  • Cherishing my moments. I will see my best friends on the planet this weekend to celebrate Juestion before he moves away, and I will treasure every second.
  • Helping people in ways I know how. I’m hopefully mowing my parents’ yard this weekend (if it ever stops raining!), I’m becoming a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and I’m just being there. Sometimes, people just need to know they have others on their side.
  • Joining a book club. I love reading and meeting new people. What a perfect way to do both. Bonus – the book club meets at one of my favorite coffee shops in town…and I do love me my iced coffee.
  • Working on my relationship with God and my faith. I recently heard the song “Thy Will,” by Hillary Scott and the Scott family for the first time, and I feel closer to God through by listening to that song than I have in a long time. Music can change lives. My friend Katie posted this post on her blog months ago, and that has inspired me to start a daily devotional.

Most importantly, I’m remembering my blog. I started this because I  love to write. I miss writing (I used to write more with my previous job). This blog has been a journey for me, because life is a journey. You never know where it’ll go (I certainly never know what I’ll post about). Writing makes you vulnerable. It’s hard to be vulnerable. But being vulnerable is strength…being vulnerable shows gumption…being vulnerable is human. My fluidity of posts is a constant reminder of the fluidity of my life…through the lemons and the lemonade.


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