Happy You Day, Mom! (Late)

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I did the obligatory Facebook post complete with a picture of my mom & me. I’m not a big fan of rambling on Facebook. Every now and then I’ll have a slightly longer post (i.e. my Teacher’s Appreciation Day shoutout to my dad), but typically, I keep it short. Hence was the way with my Mother’s Day post. Yet as I spent lunch eating with my parents and reading others’ Facebook posts, I realize that if anyone is worthy of a ramble, it’s my mom. So I wanted to write about her. And say thank you. So, mom, thank you…

  • …for introducing me to Steel Magnolias. I love you more than my luggage.
  • …for letting me crash at your house and steal your cable and your food and play with the doggies at least twice a week.
  • …for giving me advice in my life struggles. And for not saying “I told you so,” if I don’t listen to your advice.
  • …for being my chips, queso, & margarita partner in crime.
  • …for understanding and valuing my love language, Quality Time, and hanging out with me even when you don’t want to.
  • …for letting me ramble incessantly about topics and tell you stories of which I’ve almost certainly told you before.
  • …for teaching me to be unapologetic about who I am.
  • …for telling me the harsh truth, even when I don’t want to hear it, aka when I “look a little rough.”
  • …for binge watching HGTV shows with me! Team Shiplap.
  • …for being my best friend.

Mom, I don’t tell you enough about how much of an influence you (and dad) have made on my life. I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today without your fierceness, strength, and loyalty rubbing off on me every day of my life. Thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Love you bye.

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