Dierks Bentley “Black” Album

Quick life update before I get to my current obsession:

  • I finally turned my air conditioning on. I’m truly just as proud of myself as I am ashamed of myself for finally giving into the horrible summer heat that I hate.
  • I’m house hunting. I’ve negotiated terms, found a house, perfected my imperfect signature, lost a house, and re-established my account on realtor.com.
  • Work. Is. Really. Busy. We’ve got a three day music festival that starts in 14 days, and a five day Mexican fiesta festival that starts in 33 days.
  • I’ve been reading my Bible every day for a month now. What I can say for sure is that I’m still learning and developing a relationship with God is a process.

Now onto the good stuff.  At the end of May, Dierks Bentley dropped his new album, “Black.” I didn’t get around to listening to it until this week. Big mistake. I should’ve had that thing on repeat at midnight of release day.

Now I’ve never been an overwhelming Dierks Bentley fan. Prior to this album, I only had nine of his songs. I haven’t really felt the urge to listen to more than just his singles. I can’t say what exactly changed with this album (Having Spotify Premium? Working at a country radio station?), but I’m glad it did.

His album is full of song after song that tackles various emotions, has different tones & melodies, but all of them are well written and tell stories with their lyrics (which is my fav). “I’ll Be the Moon,” “What the Hell Did I Say,” “Pick Up,” and “Black,” were also each given a video, together making a mini video series that kept me up watching way longer than needed when I should have been sleeping. He collaborates with Maren Morris on “I’ll Be the Moon,” and Elle King on, “Different for Girls,” and I enjoy both collaborations. Those two, along with “What the Hell Did I Say” would have to be my favorites.

I have to say, now after listening to this album, I am even more excited that Dierks Bentley is part of the aforementioned music festival that I will be at for work.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in concert, so this will be perfect timing (work is busy, but it has its perks!).

I made a playlist of the album on Youtube (because the full album isn’t on Spotify yet and I’m cheap – oops) – click play below and enjoy! What’s your fav song off of “Black?”


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