Top Binge-Worthy Shows, According to My Life

I. Love. TV. Probably more than I should. But really, how much “should” one love or not love television anyway? I own quite a few shows on DVD, and I’ve binge-watched my way through quite a few others that I don’t own on DVD. That’s probably one of my favorite past times – binge watching. Today, I’m going to share with you the five most binge-worthy shows, in my opinion. It was based on a few things….how fast I watched them, how much sleep I missed out due to watching them, how much I wanted to watch the next episode – but mostly it’s just based on my own personal preference. I let you know where you can binge watch these, but all of the services I mention are subscription services, meaning you do have to pay monthly for them. A free option to paying for these services would be to go to your local library and check out the seasons there!




Stats: 10 seasons, 236 episodes, Approx 86.5 hours, Series is complete.

Why I Couldn’t Stop Binging: The characters pulled me in, and I found myself immediately identifying with one or two (Phoebe & Monica), rooting for my Friends OTP (Ross & Rachel), and singing “Smelly Cat” throughout my work day.

What Makes it Binge-able: It’s Friends! It’s a staple show that shaped modern television, especially comedies. Half hour episodes (about 22 minutes taking out commercials) make it a quick view if you’re short on time, and you will laugh in every episode.

Where You Can Binge: Netflix



Stats: 6 seasons, 94 episodes, Approx 39.2 hours, Series is complete.

Why I Couldn’t Stop Binging: The relatability.  Similar to Friends, I almost immediately related to one of the characters (I am about 75% Charlotte, 20% Sam, & 5% Miranda), and the characters go through many relational situations that a 25 year old single woman can identify with. The men are not bad eye candy either! Team Big.

What Makes it Binge-able: It’s also a classic. This show was such a hit with women of the 1990s, and it’s because Carrie, Charlotte, Sam, & Miranda lived how women of the 1990s either lived, or often times felt like they wanted to live. For the latter, it’s a great escape. The fashion choices (flaw-free and questionable alike) & relationships keep you coming back, and you’ll find yourself treasuring the series finale long after you finish the show.

Where You Can Binge: Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, & HBO Now



Stats: 3 seasons, 25 episodes, Approx 25 hours, Series is complete.

Why I Couldn’t Stop Binging: The biggest reasons I couldn’t stop watching are Jeff Daniels & Emily Mortimer. They’re incredible. Their chemistry and acting chops keep me pressing, “Next Episode,” long after I should be sleeping. I am flying through this show. I’m on episode 16 of 25, and I started watching less than a week ago.

What Makes it Binge-able: The Newsroom is just plain good television.  It’s got a stellar cast of well-known actors, written by Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing, and it’s a show that keeps you on the edge of your seat, somewhere between excited & fearful about what happens next.You don’t have to be aware of news or politics to like the show either, which is great because I am not intelligent in either subject!

Where You Can Binge: Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, & HBO Now



Stats: 2 seasons, 31 episodes, Approx 31 hours, Series is incomplete.

Why I Couldn’t Stop Binging: Every single thing about this show is why I couldn’t stop binge-watching this show. I’ve written about it before, and I will probably write about it again. Claire & Jamie’s relationship is what dreams are made of, Blackjack Randall is what nightmares are made of, and the show does more for Scottish tourism than probably any advertisement they’ve actually paid for.My first time through season 1, I watched it in one weekend with nine episodes in one day. This past weekend, I watched another nine episodes with a couple friends (catching up on season 1 & watching the first two eps of season 2), and we’ll probably finish the second season within two more binge sessions.

What Makes it Binge-able: The plot of Outlander is the best case for bingeability of this show. Like The Newsroom, you can’t stop watching because you have to know what happens next, and it is SUCH A GOOD SHOW (like my previous post, I know caps are horrible, but necessary).

Where You Can Binge: Starz Play, Amazon Instant Video (with Starz add-on)



Stats: 12 seasons, 272 episodes, Approx 190.4 hours, Series is incomplete

Why I Couldn’t Stop Binging: McDreamy, McSteamy, April Kepner, Cristina Yang, Jackson Avery, Owen Hunt, Miranda Bailey, Dr. Hot Chocolate, Lexie Grey (RIP)…in short, the characters of the show. Plus the pure “WTF” of the plotlines. Plane crashes, hospital shootings, on purpose drownings, bombs, car crashes, and so much more. Grey’s is the soap opera of Primetime, and it’s every bit of a guilty pleasure as it should be. Grey’s holds my personal binge record, with 16 episodes in one day, and I look forward to Thursday nights every fall-spring, because it brings me back to walking the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Bring on season 13!

What Makes it Binge-able: Grey’s is a guilty pleasure. Everyone loves a guilty pleasure.  Ergo, everyone loves Grey’s.

Where You Can Binge: Hulu Plus, Netflix

There you have it! My top binge-worthy shows. What shows are your favorites to spend a lazy Sunday with?




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