I Bought a House!! Before Tour

Off and on for the last four months or so, I’ve been house hunting. I’ve mentioned it a little on the blog, but didn’t want to jinx a good house. Well, as of two days ago, I’m so excited to announce that I’m officially a homeowner!!!! I never thought I’d be so happy to drain money out of my bank account, pack up and move (again), and live in a complete mess (in both places!) for two weeks.

Well, I am happy. About all of the above. It’s the perfect starter home, and I can’t wait to make it my own. Two bedroom, one bath, unfinished basement, one car garage.  I know that everyone really just wants to see pictures of new houses, so without further ado, welcome to my home!

DSC02471Look how CUTE it is!!!!! ❤

Front/Theater Room

DSC02472LOVES: Built in bookcases underneath the windows, the fireplace, and the hardwood floors that go throughout the home.



TO DO: In this room, I will be painting the ceiling, walls, trim, baseboard, bookshelves, fireplace, and the inside of the front door.

Dining Room

LOVES: The doors and windows that lead into the reading room.

DSC02476LOVES: Telephone nook in the corner!


A closeup of not only the awful wall color, but the not-much-better tile. Not. My. Thing.

TO-DO: Painting. The tiles will be removed, and a white beadboard will go on the bottom half of the wall, topped with a chair rail.


DSC02478LOVES: The WOOD!!! I hated it in pictures, and doesn’t look much better in these pictures, but I love it so much in person. The light fixture that was done in red I love as well.




TO-DO: Paint the walls and kitchen cabinets. I might paint the wood, but will probably live in it before deciding on that. 

Reading Room

DSC02482LOVES: This entire room. This was the clencher and biggest reason why I bought this house. The wall of windows is gorgeous. Bit of a blurry picture, because my photography skills are kind of a fail.




TO-DO: Remove the wallpaper from the south wall (wall with A/C unit). Paint. The horrible stained glass window will be removed. Install bookshelves in south wall. The wall of windows will remain as is (leaving wood).





DSC02496Closeup of the floor tile. 

DSC02497Closeup of the wall tiles.

TO-DO: Remove wallpaper above wall tile. The walls, ceiling, trim, & cabinetry will be painted. In the future, I would like to redo the bathroom, but for now, I am just purchasing decorations that will match it!

Master Bedroom



TO-DO: Paint! 

Guest Bedroom



TO-DO: Remove wallpaper and paint.

Not Pictured: Unfinished Basement, Garage, and an Attic that I swear is 6000 degrees.In the future, I plan to finish the basement and re-landscape the backyard.  

Now for the fun part – the WORK that has to be done!!!! I have now eight, count them, eight days until move in, and the plan is to have all the work done by then. I’ll definitely be posting progress as we go, the first post coming up soon describing paint selections!! 

The last four months have definitely tested my patience and my nerves, and I have no doubt this will continue. I have been so blessed in my life, and consider this icing on the cake of those blessings. Among those blessings are my family and friends, many of whom are helping with painting & moving. Thank you so much! 🙂 Can’t wait to take an after tour.


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