Funs & Fails of Owning a House

And I quote…

“I’ll definitely be posting progress as we go, the first post coming up soon describing paint selections!”

That’s one of the last things that I wrote in my House Tour. To be fair, I definitely planned on being Blogger of the Year with this home repainting / housework process.  I was going to have a post all about paint, a post all about each small project that we did (complete with pictures, of course)…and then we actually started the work. So honestly? Blogging was the last thing on my mind (sleep was the first). But now, it’s been a couple weeks, I’ve made wonderful strides on my cute little house, so it’s back to blogging! Here’s how the house process has gone 🙂

House Fun
Picking out paint colors! I decided to go with the same two colors for the entire house, rather than switching it up from room to room. I’m a big fan of gray, so that’s what I chose for the wall color. It went on the walls of the living room, dining room, hallway, & both bedrooms. And what a fun name too….Silvery Moonlight. 

For the trim color, as well as the walls in the kitchen, bathroom, reading room, & kitchen cabinets, I chose a white! Fun fact – I never thought there were so many colors of white until I went to look for them. After an hour of looking at paint samples in what has been my new favorite store Home Depot, and buying three different white samples, I chose White on White. The colors below aren’t precisely exact, but they’re close enough and give you a good idea.


House Fail
Actually painting the house! Oh my goodness, I was so sick of flipping paint by the end of it. I have absolutely incredible friends & family, and we somehow managed to paint six & a half ceilings and seven & a half rooms plus trim (two coats!) in only six days, but it was a monster. I had the greatest of intentions of using drop cloths, but it just became too much effort to move them, which resulted in paint all over the floor. I managed to walk in paint in my tennis shoes, then all over the hardwood. So I took my shoes off, then repeated that exact same thing in socks. I was a hot mess. Climbing up and down a ladder was an obnoxious ordeal, I was in pain for seven days, and I even found paint in my eye one night, stuck to my contact. In. My. Eye. 

House Fun
Figuring out how to decorate your new house! Gosh, it’s such an exciting feeling to envision your rooms and what will go in them.
House Fail
In order to move to a new house, one must first pack the old apartment. I started with great intentions, and actually packed up a lot of rooms about a month before the house move. And then there were two weeks left…then one…then it was the day before and I spent three hours finishing packing up the apartment that I thought only had 20 minutes left to pack. 

House Fun
Projects! The bead board & new ceiling fan in the dining room absolutely transform the room, my bookshelves make me smile every time I look at them, my bathroom color scheme is on point, the kitchen cabinets are so much better in white. Pretty much all the projects I did (or rather my family friend Jim did) look incredible in my house, increased the value of the home, and enabled me to make my house my dream.
House Fail
The endless trips to Home Depot, Menards, and a local hardware store not only broke the bank, but almost broke my patience. You think you have everything you need, then you need more paintbrushes.  Then you need more paint. Then more switchplate covers. Then more paint. And it just goes on and on. Even after you move, you need to make trips! Who knew dryer venting needed a clamp to keep it actually attached to the dryer? I do now! Plus the increasingly obvious fact that I am not Handy Manny as I would like to think. I have to put hinges back on my kitchen cabinets this weekend, and I literally have no idea what I’m doing. 

There are certainly more funs than fails of owning a house, and it’s most definitely easy to recognize that. Within two hours of owning, I was thankful that I was no longer renting (although technically I’m still renting through the end of September), and every single day I’m so happy when I look around. I haven’t quite decided which room is my favorite, because it changes whenever I go to a different room.

I truly do plan on taking you all on an after tour of my home. It just may not be as soon as I wanted. Oh well. Life is fluid.

Oh, and if you’re thinking about repainting your entire house? Don’t. 






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