After Tour – Dining Room

We continue our after tour of the house with the dining room! This is probably tied for my favorite room of the house with the reading room. It’s gone through the biggest transformation, and mixes my classic taste with my rustic antique taste in just the right way.


What Work Did I Do? 

First thing I should clarify is that when I say, “What work did do,” I really mean “What work did we do.” I could not have gotten any of this done without so much help. My family and friends worked their asses off for a week.

My dad’s old friend did a lot of the projects in the house that my parents & myself just weren’t quite up to speed on handling. That included pretty much this whole room’s worth of projects.

The tile and paint color in this room was horrendous. I was not even close to a fan of it, so it had to go. I elected to go with white beadboard halfway up the wall topped with chair rail. I wanted to keep the flow from room to room (I’m big into flow of this house), yet still have a distinction between the two rooms. I also knew that I planned on putting a touch of class in this room moreso than the other rooms, and felt that the beadboard / chair rail combination worked with the furniture in the room. I also splurged a little on a beautiful ceiling fan that is loads better than the white porcelain fan with roses on it that was there before.



Isn’t it beautiful??? Gosh I just love this room. It’s a gorgeous as you walk in from the front room and the front door, and I just love everything about it.

My Favorites


This bar was another antique store find. It’s versatile and doesn’t have to be a bar, but with the glass shelves, it works perfectly to display my wine glasses and store my wine.


This bench has been a longstanding part of my furniture in past apartments, but it’s never quite found a home before. It has now! It fits snug in the corner and adds seating while drawing attention to the telephone nook and wall print. The print is the first verse of the song, “For Good,” from the musical Wicked. It’s my friendship song with my friend Spencer, but also says what I love about most of my friends, and I’m pleased it’s also found a place.


My centerpiece that I created after my move! I found the tool box in my parents basement, and considered painting it, but decided to keep it as is and “class it up” with what’s inside! I’ve never been a huge fan of centerpieces, but my mom has a piece that I’ve come to love and I took some inspiration from her. I love that I will be able to change this with the seasons too.


My splurge!


This has been something my brain has been working on for awhile, and it’s finally come to pass. I love the saying that’s on the chevron piece. It’s truly one of my mantras and how I try to live every day. The art was done by my cousins, both at 10 years old (one is still 10 and one is now 15), and those two are a big part of my happy, so I’m glad the eye is drawn to the cluster of these three pieces as a showcase.

That’s my dining room! It fights for the spot of favorite room of the house along with the reading room (post after next). The kitchen is up next!


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