After Tour – Kitchen

Let’s see. Seven rooms. Scheduling these out on the blog is making blogging miraculously easy right now! Granted, all you poor souls have to read nothing but after tours for the next….five posts (counting this one), BUT I’m sure you are all just on edge waiting to see each new room. Right?

*Side note: I’m catching up on last season of “Blindspot” before it premieres in September, and since it’s so good…AND I’m pretty excited for the new crop of TV shows I’m watching this show…PLUS the oldies but goodies…means I’ll probably break up the after tour posts with a ‘what I’m watching this fall’ post.*

A few things I’ve noted over the first two after tours / rooms is that I say the words, “I love” quite often when referencing parts of my home.  Now while that’s true, I feel like my decent, albeit not perfect, writing ability coupled with the fact that I’m a relatively intelligent individual, should lead to me using better words, or at least synonyms. So I’m going to break out the old thesaurus for my kitchen after tour. Or at least I’m going to try.


What Work Did I Do?

This, like the front room, was also just a paint job.  There was slightly more work involved since I (we) had to take all the handles off the cabinets / drawers, cabinet doors off the cabinets, and hinges off the doors. My mom then channeled her inner Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict, to easier take the paint off the hinges, then it was all re-installation after the paint!

I can safely say that something I did do entirely on my own was paint the walls of this room and boy if that wasn’t that super fun. It’s between 11:00 at night and 1:00 in the morning, I’m crawling on ladders and balancing on countertops, wondering to myself, “Should I call someone just in case I fall down then at least they’d hear the line go silent?” I made it though, and so did the kitchen.



I’m a fan. It’s so fresh and so clean, clean. (Chance, if you’re reading, sorry for the internal / probable external cringe you just had while reading my attempt to prove I know some music that’s not country).

My Favorites


If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a massive fan of antiques. I’m pretty sure that every room contains an antique / vintage piece, and of course my kitchen is no exception. I adore these vintage kitchen supplies, and the small display shelves are ideal for them.


This picture contains two of the favorites! More antiques and my cookbooks as one, and the window as the second. I’m so glad that this shelf had the strength to hold the cookbooks, and the recipe box was a great $5.00 find. The window, instead of opening to the outside, peeks out into the reading room, so I’m never closed off to any guests who are in there (plus I just love looking into that room).

A couple of times I have thought about that I perhaps should have painted the cabinets a bright color, but I never can come up with what color that would definitively be (red is already out…blue? yellow?), so white it is. I do quite enjoy that the kitchen looks clean all the time with the white, and I’ll always be able to match that color with any other color!

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, so I’m glad it’s something I continue to like looking at 🙂


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