After Tour – Reading Room

Dining room, reading room, dining room, reading room. Welcome to the battle that I have with myself every day. These rooms are both my favorites, and for so many good reasons. I mentioned in the front / theater room post that I’m glad the movies and books can each be featured in their own rooms in this house, and the books are on full display here.


What Work Did I Do? 

The wallpaper (on the wall with the ghastly window) was removed and paneling was put on that wall. The walls were painted white (two coats, also at 1:00 in the morning like the kitchen but in worse lighting).  A small step was installed on the entrance to the reading room from the dining room, and bookshelves were installed.  The bookshelves were found at a local bookstore that was closing (only $45!), but to stack two high in the corner, my friend had to cut down the height of them. The bookshelves were then painted. They were already white but needed touching up with another coat.



Look. How. Beautiful. It. Is. The red couch & loveseat came from the same bookstore as the bookshelves. The seating area right next to the window was furniture that was left in the home when I purchased it.

That awful, southwestern, 3D, stained glass window (someone actually installed that on purpose), unfortunately had to stay for now. But it’s covered up by the mocha curtain (that is the same pattern as the black curtains in the front room – alllll about the flow!), so it works. For now.

This room has become exactly what I imagined it would be. It doesn’t have central air or heat, BUT has it’s own unit. However, I haven’t had to use it. I grab a book, curl up on the loveseat, open the back door, turn on the ceiling fan, and it’s absolutely wonderful.

Let’s talk about my bookshelves for a hot minute. I’ve always had the dream of being as close to the Disney princess Belle as humanly possible. I’ve got the brown hair, love for reading, talking to inanimate objects down pat.  And while the bookshelves and the ladder with blankets on it doesn’t quite get me there, it does mean that I have my own library with a ladder…just like Belle did. So I’m happy. One of my favorite pastimes is rearranging my bookshelves. It’s so much fun! Some can go vertical, some can go horizontal, my decorations are intersperssed throughout…gosh. Love.

My Favorites 


My little seating area! I quite enjoy looking out into my private backyard (even though it’s not super pretty), and I am beyond pumped for fall. I’ll be able to sit at this area with coffee and a book, with the windows & doors open, reading and enjoying my favorite season.


Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter. Man I love me some of The Boy Who Lived.  I was thrilled that the topper of this shelf offered me the opportunity to show off my (way too small) Harry Potter collection. Did I throw in a couple non-Harry Potter vintage finds? Of course I did. Enter my file cabinet and door that adds some great height to this display.

See why I have the battle with myself? I’m so proud of this room. In comparison to the other rooms in the house, this room is the one I’ve been wishing and hoping for the longest. I love reading (can’t you tell?), and I’ve always hoped that I’d be able to have a room that focuses on cozy, comfort, and books. And now I do. But then I walk back into the dining room…and the battle commences.

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