After Tour – Bathroom

I was all set to NOT write about my house. I’ve written nothing but house posts, and I’m getting tired of them. The two posts I really want to write are my definitive ranking of Taylor Swift music videos, and the shows I’m planning on watching this fall primetime season.But this is what happened.  I put in a movie, sat down in my recliner, popped my feet up, grabbed a blanket, and then I was down for the count (almost literally because this cold is killing my soul and I’m sleepy). Since a movie is on, I can’t watch any music videos; since my TV show list is on the refrigerator, I can’t possibly get up. So I’m going to write about my bathroom!



What Work Did I Do? 

Not much. To fully redo the bathroom like I would like to would cost more than I had available, so it will be put on hold.  But there were certainly things that could and needed to be done stat, most importantly the wallpaper.  My goodness, this stuff was hideous.  To each their own, but I just couldn’t see how that matched with the tile at all. The wallpaper was removed, the walls & ceilings were painted white, and a new medicine cabinet & light fixture was installed.



I can’t get over how much a coat of paint does for a room. The white in this room brightens it up, makes it cleaner, and actually matches everything else in the room! I am still not a fan of the tile that is on the wall or the floor, but it works for now. I elected to go with colors that work with the tile, and I’m pleased with the ones I selected. It started with the shower curtain and went from there – I’m not a big fan of gold, but I liked this, and the coral just works well with it!

My Favorites 


I am happy that I actually have a picture to show as my favorite for this room! Once I decided to go coral with gold, I was planning to make a canvas print of the two colors – nothing fancy, but just something to put in this big wall space. THEN I went to Kirklands, and couldn’t believe that I found something so perfect! The colors are spot on, and it fit perfectly! Like my friend said, “It helps a lot.” And she’s right. It ties everything in the room together!

Well, the movie is over, I can’t breathe through my nose, and I’m still sleepy. So I’m taking it as a sign. Two rooms left!


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