2016 TV Lineup

It’s premiere week! Well…kind of…I think technically premiere week is considered next week, because that’s when the majority of shows premiere. But for me, premiere week is when the first show on my list of shows premieres their new season, and this year, that’s this week. More specifically, Wednesday, with Blindspot.

This is pretty much the most accurate description of me during this time of year…every year.


I am such a big fan of television. Compared to others that don’t have cable like me, I watch more TV than most people I know. Every year, some of my favs come back but every year I always pick a couple new shows to try out and see if they stick (whether that be stick with me OR stick with audiences in general). This year, we’re half and half. Nine oldies but goodies, and nine newbies. Since we watch TV based on days of the week, I’m going to go through them by days of the week! And I’m sorry, Sunday may be the first day of the week according to the calendar, but I don’t ever consider it the first day of the week, I consider it the last. So I’m starting with Monday. Also, due to the fact that there’s so many, I’m giving a ten words (or less) synopsis for each (I tried five & seven words but it’s hard!).

I’m color coding by network because I’m weird (not kidding, I literally categorize my TV lineup by date & network, all color coded). Blue is NBC, Orange is ABC, Green is The CW, and red is Fox. My new shows are emphasized by an asterisk*. If you want to know what the shows are about, new or old, here are the links: NBCABCThe CWFox.

There are a few shows that I would fully plan on adding to this list, but I have either fallen too far behind OR am binging my way up to the current season on Netflix. I fully plan on catching up with all of them someday, though, so they earn a shoutout. Arrow, The Flash, Reign, The Originals, Bones, and Criminal Minds (who knew I watched CBS?!).

Druggie forced to work with people to avoid prison.
Time travelers time travel to change things in the past.

No Tomorrow*
Girl meets boy and completes a bucket list.
This is Us*
People share a birthday and fight personal demons. Mandy Moore!
Chicago Fire
Firefighters fight fires in Chicago and break my damn heart.

Remake of a movie with Riley Smith whom I looooove.
Tattooed woman figures out tattoos with FBI. Kurt Fricking Weller.
Chicago PD
Second and better Chicago show about cops. Team Linstead.

Grey’s Anatomy
Greatest guilty pleasure of all time with all the feels.
News producer works with cops to put stuff on TV.
First woman major league baseball player plays baseball.
Chicago Med
Third Chicago show (doctors). I need to catch up on.

The Vampire Diaries
All the supernatural things with lots of teenybopper drama.

Once Upon a Time
Disney characters in a show. Of course I watch it.
First season about FBI peeps, now might be CIA peeps.

Midseason Premieres
Oh. Em. Effing. Gee. Best show on television.
Still Star Crossed*
What happens after Romeo and Juliet kill themselves.
Chicago Justice*
Fourth and probably unnecessary Chicago show about lawyers.

I can’t wait for premiere week! Let the madness and being a hermit begin!


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