After Tour – Master Bedroom

So it’s been a hot minute since I blogged about my house. Apparently people other than my mom and grandma read this blog (!!!!!), because I’ve been getting text messages with, “Where’s the rest of your house posts?!” So if you were one of those people, thank you! It gets tiring writing about the same thing every post, so I had to switch it up with my TV lineup. Then I went home, took some time away from technology, and I’ve started to have more of a personal life lately, so no blogging.

BUT, never fear, because I’m back! Here’s the master bedroom!


What Work Did I Do?

Not a lot of work was done on this room. All it needed was paint! Same colors that has been used throughout the house, so we just painted it up and put the furniture in it!



It’s so much prettier now! The hardest part about this room was figuring out how to arrange all the furniture. This arrangement works well though, and I’m still shocked with how much room I have in this space! My apartment bedroom barely fit everything in it, and it was hard to walk around, but in this room, that’s not the case!


There’s really nothing in particular that is my favorite in this room. The room as it works together is my favorite part about the room! The furniture was redone by my mom & I, and so I love the character that the paint brings to it. The color scheme is my favvvvvv. I found the comforter last year at Target and just fell in love with the color and how pretty it is. Everything else came from there, including the picture-perfect curtains that I took a chance on online. I gotta have my rustic tastes in here, so the burlap pillows tying in with my painted furniture, unique knobs, and windowpanes on the wall makes me happy! I love this room.

Only one room left – the guest room!


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