After Tour – Guest Bedroom

Today I decorated for Halloween…granted, we’re not even to October 1, but IT WAS TIME. I hadn’t decorated for fall yet, and my poor house was in desperate need of some holidays. We’re creeping up on my favorite time of the year, and I CANNOT WAIT!

Time to finish the house tour! The last room is the guest room.


What Work Did I Do?

Mostly, this room was just painting! The dark red paint as well as the airplane did not cover super well, but two coats still did the trick. One wall was all wallpaper (there was even wallpaper on the closet door – woof), so we took off the wallpaper to put on the paint.



Every piece of furniture in this room has sentimental value to me.  The day bed is one I’ve had since middle school. I had wanted a day bed for forever, and then I finally got one when we moved when I was 12! The rocking chair and cedar chest both belonged to my late grandparents. My brother made my bookshelf for me, and and my other grandpa made the teaset shelf for my collection. All the wood pieces work so well together, and I like having them all in one place. I found the comforter a couple years ago at Target, and then happened to find the shower curtains that matched perfectly. I couldn’t have planned it better!

My Favorites


This is the teaset shelf that my grandpa made for me. I have been collecting teasets for as long as I can remember. I haven’t added many to the collection for years, but I still treasure these.  They were gifts given to me from friends and family, and I value each and every one. There are a few others scattered throughout the room in addition to these on the shelf. Teasets and Beauty and the Beast are the two decorative themes of the room.  I didn’t snap any pics of them, but I have a Beauty and the Beast light switch plate, picture, and decorations throughout! I’d like to say that it’s because my 10 year old cousin refers to it as her room…but in all honesty, it’s just because I’m a little absurdly obsessed with Disney.

That’s the end of the house tour! I’m almost positive that there will be lots more posts about the house, especially when I decorate for Christmas! I love living in this house, and every day I appreciate something new about it. ❤


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