The Definitive Ranking of Taylor Swift’s Music Videos, #33-#23

This post has been such a long time coming! My girl Kari & I have long loved Taylor Swift, and last year when we went to her concert, I think that love just quadrupled, and pretty much became a part of our everyday conversation. I’m not kidding, we probably reference her in some way shape or form every single day. We can’t help it. I told her I was going to make a post of Taylor Swift’s music videos, then I went and looked on her youtube channel, and it’s a little intimidating…33 videos is a lot of watching!!

The hardest part of this was to watch the video and judge on video alone, NOT judge the song. So. Difficult. Some of my least favorite T-Swift songs are fairly high on the list, while some of my favorite T-Swift songs are on this first (bad) list! I also went with my initialΒ reaction of where I wanted these videos to be ranked, not where I thought they should be ranked three days later after more viewing (see video #9 which after lots more viewing would jump up to #4).

I thought of commenting on all her videos and why they’re ranked where they are, but honestly, that’s going to be difficult since I didn’t watch all 33 in one sitting. What I DID do though, was take notes on each video as I was watching them. So, for your viewing (and reading) pleasure, I have posted the video with my commentary underneath.

Enjoy my least favorite Taylor Swift videos!


  • Hair flips, sky points for days.
  • Just standing there singing! Lame.
  • Subtle patriotism with the red, white, and blue.


  • Snow. How prolific.
  • Wait, that dude isn’t Taylor Lautner.
  • Sitting on a bed, on a kitchen counter, and in a bedroom.
  • Why is it snowing in her apartment?


  • Stephen Colletti! One Tree Hill ❀
  • Oh yes – flashbacks. Of course!
  • Just crying in her apartment…really?
  • Her apartment is fabulous though.


  • She’s walking in a field? Okay.
  • I want to watch The Hunger Games now.
  • I don’t get it.


  • Just another flashback video.
  • Same old same old.
  • Easy to forget this one!
  • The colors are really pretty though!


  • Hello, straight haired Taylor Swift.
  • Really random??
  • This is a fun, “please let me sing you my song” video.


  • Spying – I love it.
  • Girl powerrrrr.
  • Oh hey Taylor’s curly hair.
  • Her quote: “You know what? I’m over it.” Bahaha perfection.


  • Okay, woods. We get it.
  • I understand nothing about this video, but I like her dress.
  • She’s stuck in a tree. I really don’t get it.


  • I hate this stupid video.
  • This narration is the worst.
  • The tone of the video before & after the music part matches nothing about the music part of the video.
  • This video would be way better wihout the first two stupid minutes.


  • I don’t like this video as much as the world does.
  • I do like those PJs though.
  • The animals just kind of creep me out.


  • Tour video.

Side note: Allll the tour videos were definitely clumped together, and yes, Taylor Swift just mashing up moments from her concerts were still better than the other ones on this list.Β 




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