The Definitive Ranking of Taylor Swift’s Music Videos, #22-#12

Now for the next 11 videos! We are getting closer to the best (in my opinion) that T-Swift has to offer!


  • But whyyy do so many tour videos have to exist?
  • They’re all definitely getting lumped together.


  • Yup. I’m putting this as another tour video (rolls eyes).
  • Not video related, but this song is life.


  • It’s not about the song, it’s not about the song…
  • Tour videos are just mean – they just remind me I’m not at a Taylor Swift show.


  • There is the small chance I will actually like this tour video because I went to this tour.
  • Yep, I was right. This concert. There are no words.
  • I met an ex at this concert, and you know what, I’d do it all again.
  • LIFE.


  • Pretty much the most country T-Swift video.
  • Good old hoedown.
  • Not about the song, but the best lyric ever is in this song…”All you are is mean, and a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life.”


  • I don’t know what to think of this video.
  • Good message though. Laugh at yourself and shake that shit off.


  • Chris Keller!
  • Friend zoned. That’s the worst.
  • Fabulous green dress.
  • On the bed with the guitar. I can’t.
  • So fricking good.

Side note: NOW we’re really getting to the good stuff. The rest of these videos are so. good.Β 


  • Paris my love. ❀ Wanderlust is real.
  • Okay, nope. Dude walks up to me in a cafe and just starts taking my picture. Nope.
  • This video is absolutely GORGEOUS. Gets alllll the pretty points. It’s going higher on the list for Paris and because it’s so damn pretty.


  • My frickin fav (side note: clearly not, but it was at the time I watched it).
  • Ridiculously accurate for high school.
  • Brown haired fancy Taylor.
  • Gotta get prettier for the dance.
  • Makes my teenybopper rom com heart beat.


  • All the authentic Taylor. I love it.
  • Extremely authentic to the song. I’m pretty sure it’s the most authentic video-to-song match she has.


  • Yaay home videos.
  • Awww family. This is actually really cute. Tugs on the heartstrings.

Can’t wait! Top 11 Top 11 Top 11 are next!!!











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