The Hotties of Nicholas Sparks Films, Ranked <3

So I sat down to write tonight, fully intending to finish my “Best of 2016” post. But then I popped in the movie The Longest Ride to accompany my writing, and ummmm, Scott Eastwood is on the screen. So I got a little bit distracted because hello, have you seen Scott Eastwood? Then I decided I might as well write about what I’m focused on at the moment, so I’m going to talk about how good looking the leading men of the Nicholas Sparks book-to-movie adaptations are, in order, and why I think they’re so good looking. I wanted to include pictures, but I don’t have license to use any good ones, so I decided to include videos of the hotties doing hottie things instead. NSFW moments in the below videos!

11. Richard Gere, Nights in Rodanthe

Even older, Richard Gere’s still got it. If this was mid to late 1980s Richard Gere, he would have the top spot, but unfortunately, it’s not. In this film, he just doesn’t quite pull it off like the rest of the men on this list.

10. Shane West, A Walk to Remember

Oooooh, Shane West as Landon Carter is so damn smooth in this movie! I had such a hard time picking a clip and he almost moved up a couple spots becuase of how smooth he is. I’ve watched this movie a hundred thousand times, and my friend Audrey and I can quote it back and forth. He didn’t get higher up because he’s just pretty young and skinny to top the other men.

9. Liam Hemsworth, The Last Song

Liam Hemsworth is so much hotter now, years after this movie. It’s because of this reason he’s so low on this list. Baby Liam is not near as good looking as Current Liam.

8. Ryan Gosling, The Notebook

I mean, how could I put any other scene but this one? Damn. Damn damn damn. I know I’m crazy for not putting him higher on the list, but Ryan Gosling just doesn’t float my boat like he does everyone else’s. But man, this scene (and what follows)….

7. Kevin Costner, Message in a Bottle

There is a special special place in my heart for Kevin Costner. I have just always thought he was hot. This movie is no exception. He would have been lower on the list, but I just love me some Kevin Costner.

6. Channing Tatum, Dear John

I was going to put Channing Tatum at #8 or #9, but I mean, in this movie he’s pretty fine. He’s got dress blues in other parts of the movie (gotta love a man in uniform), and I really enjoyed his character portrayal, so for this scene and him in the whole movie…#6 it is.

5. Josh Duhamel, Safe Haven

We’re getting to the really good stuff now.  Josh Duhamel is so good in this film. It’s one of my favorite adaptations and it’s in part because of him. His subtle flirtation then turning on the good stuff? Oooooh girl.

4. James Marsden, The Best of Me

James. Flipping. Marsden. Be still my beating heart. There are other clips I should have posted, but this part in the trailer and in the film absolutely gutted me. 

3. Benjamin Walker, The Choice

I warned you all. N.S.F.W. posts comin up. But can you blame me? I was shocked at how spot on Benjamin Walker was in this film, and how attractive he was. Hot. Damn.

2. Scott Eastwood, The Longest Ride

The whole reason I’m writing this post! There are far better clips than this one that conveys how hot Scott Eastwood is in this movie, but I can’t find them. This one does a pretty good job.

1. Zac Efron, The Lucky One

No words necessary.

Sidenote: All I typed in was “The Lucky One” on youtube, and this is the top result. Here’s lookin at you, fellow Zac Efron fans!

There you have it. I would really recommend you watch all these films, if for the eye candy alone. Cheers!









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