Thoughts on Week 1

Week One Weigh In: 239.2

Okay, so I’ve officially been on the weight loss challenge for four days! I’m going to share some of the goods and bads with you, because I have allllll the thoughts.

I have worked out every day the last four days! 
Working out is kicking. my. ass. Walking up the stairs at work is a (literal) pain with every step.
I have done well with my calorie counting! I’ve been under my calorie count every day this week.
I’m so hungry all the time! I know that once my stomach shrinks, it will be much easier, and once I learn how to space out the calories I’ll be good too. But man, in the meantime, I’m hungry.
I’m starting to love working out. Tonight’s Zumba workout was amazing. The energy you feel after a workout is seriously unparalleled.
I’m really tired. And like I said, it’s kicking my ass. My body is definitely feeling it.

I cannot explain in mere words how excited I am that tomorrow is a rest day AND a cheat day. I’m allowing myself to have one cheat item a week, and this week’s item is a Panera chocolate chip bagel with hazelnut cream cheese.  To know that I not only will get to eat that, but also won’t have to die through a 45 minute workout?? Like I said, mere words can’t explain.

(I would have videotaped myself with a happy dance, but I don’t think I can move like that right now).

Truly after week one, I’m feeling pretty good. Yes, I’m hungry, but it’s not horrible. The workouts are getting easier with each one, and I feel better and overall more energized from day to day. We’ll see how I do this weekend – they’re always the hardest!


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