The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of Weight Loss

Weigh In Updates: 
-Week 1: 239.2
-Week 2: 233.8
-Week 3: 234
-Week 4: 230.4
-Week 5: 227.4
-Week 6: 229.8
-Week 7: 224.8
Total Pounds Lost: 14.4
Body Fat Percentage Lost: 6%

I am incredibly proud of myself for starting and keeping up with this journey. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been doing it for six weeks, and haven’t really dropped much of my motivation. I’m still encouraged for the rest of my journey. However, sometimes, it’s hard because while 14.4 pounds is great…there’s still 224.8 to go. WHICH leads me to the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly parts of weight loss.

-I drink more water & less soda! I can’t give up my blood supply… I mean Diet Dr Pepper…but I drink far less of it now.
-I LOVE my fitness classes and genuinely look forward to them. I do kickboxing twice a week, zumba three times a week, and try to walk / run at least one of the other two days. I’m hoping to train for another 5K (we’ll see), and if I can’t do a zumba class, I work out to one of these bad boys. The Fitness Marshall is HILARIOUS and it’s a great workout.

-My stomach is shrinking. I find myself full after eating far less than I used to. -I never crave fast food anymore. If anything, I crave Panera salads (seriously, their Romaine & Kale Caesar salad is to die for).
-Since I eat in far more than I eat out, I’m saving money!
-I am starting to visibly see results when I look in the mirror. I’m thinner now! -My pants & workout shorts are fitting much better.
-I sleep exceptionally well. I hardly ever have any times “awake,” and always less than ten times “restless” on my fitbit when I check my sleep tracking.
-I am hardly ever tired during the day anymore. I have much more energy!

-I still battle hunger. There are days (especially rest days) where I am starving all day.
-Cheat days somtimes turn into three cheat days. I do pretty good of limiting my cheating though.
-Sometimes, I have to say no to going out to eat with friends because I don’t have enough calories left, and sometimes that’s sad.
-I haven’t had wine in six weeks.
-The longer I go with this, the more I want to cheat. I’m not sure why this isn’t the opposite. I think it’s because I see results, so I feel like if I cheat, it’s okay? I have no idea.
-Calorie counting can get hard & frustrating sometimes. You have to count everything. Measuring out tablespoons of ketchup is obnoxious.
-It’s a big guessing game. Am I recording the right amount of minutes of exercise? Is that really how many calories are in a taco? How many over or under should I truly stay each day? Can I overeat by 300 one day if I undereat by 300 the next (answer? no).

-I literally screamed at an olive oil bottle in my kitchen one night when I realized olive oil does in fact have calories.
-You can occasionally find me measuring M&Ms ounce by ounce (one M&M at a time) just so I don’t overeat on chocolate.
-Today, I legitimately had a slight meltdown at the complications I faced in simply trying to order my kale & romaine salad.
-Also today…I licked every last bit of peanut butter off of a paper plate.
-There are days where out goes the green beans and nuts, and in comes the cookie.
-900 calories left you say? Just enough for an order of Pizza Hut cheese breadsticks with marinara sauce!

There are far more good things than bad (don’t go counting, it’s even), and the good outweighs (HAHA!) the bad. All I can do is continue to work my butt off, and hope the pounds go with it! I have no intentions of stopping until my first goal weight…and then we’ll set another one.

Who can relate? What are your goods, bads, and uglies?


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