Maybe Leggings ARE Pants

The weight loss challenge is over!!!! It was an eight week challenge (9 total weigh ins). Here’s the progress:

-Pre-Challenge Doctors’ Office Weigh In: 242
-Week 1: 239.2
-Week 2: 233.8
-Week 3: 234
-Week 4: 230.4
-Week 5: 227.4
-Week 6: 229.8
-Week 7: 224.8
-Week 8: 224
-Week 9: 221
Total Pounds Lost: 21
Body Fat Percentage Lost: 8.8%

unnamed (1)

I am so proud of myself, anddddd I WON THE CHALLENGE! I won $135.00, just in time for my trip to Indianapolis next weekend! To be honest, the results I saw and felt were motivation enough for me to continue my journey, but MAN! A tangible, hold-in-your-hand, spend it money sure does help motivate too! ūüôā

Results pics and motivation pics. To be honest, I don’t have that great of images to post, because I was not good and didn’t take good before pictures. BUT these tell you a little bit and also help tell my story so far.

The image on the left is the before¬†picture and the image on the right is the after¬†picture. Yes, the before pic is 21 pounds heavier than the after pic. I can see a difference, but it’s my body, and it’s hard to tell that there is a difference. Once again…not great pictures. But like I mentioned in the very beginning, I loved the way I looked before I started this challenge. You can tell that in the¬†before picture. I love the way I look now, and you can tell that in the¬†after¬†picture too. The big thing about the¬†after¬†picture is what I have courage to do now that I didn’t have before I lost the weight…wear leggings as pants.

I have been a firm believer that leggings are NOT pants! However,since losing the weight, I have found that I’m very comfortable wearing leggings, and you can make them look cute! It kills my mother (sorry mom!), but that’s a change I’ve noticed. I’ve been able to buy some shirts & pants I wouldn’t have fit into 21 pounds ago, so that is also reassuring!

Speed round of other motivating / happy things about losing the weight:

  • It’s getting easier and easier to count calories and eat less.
  • I love working out. If I don’t work¬†out almost every day, I’m on edge.
  • I see and feel results every day.
  • I really don’t even like cheating that much anymore. I don’t worry about it when I do cheat, but I don’t find myself wanting or needing to anymore.

While the weight loss to this point IS very exciting, I’m not done. Monday’s weigh-in could be interesting because I’ve had a Bachelor finale watch party this week AND two showings of Beauty and the Beast this weekend, but like my weigh-ins show earlier, not all weeks are for losing. I won’t stop til 200, and maybe not even then! Halfway sure feels good though ūüôā


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