John 3:30

“He must become greater, I must become less.” 

In church this morning, this verse was referenced.  As we continued through the service, I kept looking back at it, and circled it a few times. For some reason, I was drawn to this common verse that is quite often used.

For me, this means that to be authentic in pursuit of a relationship with Christ, that He must become greater. It truly is as simple as it is written. Is it easy to live this out? Not always. That’s what was running through my head as I circled the verse. Have I been becoming less so He can become greater? It was a tough one to gnaw on.

While an answer to that question hasn’t popped into my head with alarming clarity, something else did. I thought of situations, or rather, relationships in my life. Relationships of all kinds…family, friendship, acquaintanceship, work relationships, dating. The best ones stood out to me, and when I got to thinking why, it was because I realized that in those relationships, I wanted to become less. I wanted to put those other people first, and as a result, the best ones that I’ve had over the years are the ones that are strongest in my life now.

I’m not by any means saying I’m the perfect friend – if I’m certain of anything, it’s that I am a work in progress. But today, as I was thinking of those imperfections worried that I didn’t have the tools to be authentic in my pursuit of a relationship with God, I realized that God already gave me all the tools I needed, before I even knew I needed them.

“He must become greater, I must become less.” When put into perspective, making God greater makes life one that seeks Him, walks with Him, and lives for Him. And that life…a “Less” life…is the one that God already showed me fills my life with meaning.