Leaving it Behind – Literally

Disclaimer: For the purposes of this story, the gentleman in question’s name is Bill. Spoiler alert: it’s not actually Bill. 

Okay, people, strap in.

A few things from my last post.  I have not been doing well. My house has been a MESS, I haven’t really exercised since my 5K on August 11, I haven’t been to church in three weeks because quite frankly, I’ve been a bit angry with God (pro tip – don’t do what I do – go to church anyway), AND I took one of those showers where you’re not sure if the faucet is putting out more water or your tears are because you’re crying so hard. Yeah…it hasn’t been great. Breakups? They absolutely suck.

This past weekend, I went to a friend’s wedding.

Completely unrelated sidenote: they got married on Saturday, left for their honeymoon on Monday and today in the mail I ALREADY got the thank you in the mail. IMPRESSED.

Anywayyyyy, the wedding was in western Kansas and I literally had to drive by where Bill lives to get to the wedding. This weekend was supposed to be the weekend where we met the families, I got the tour of his town (that yes, we’d talked about me moving to), he took me to his church, and just would spend time together.

Another spoiler alert – this weekend? It wasn’t that. But I’ll tell you what it was.

  • It was a weekend where I got to see people I hadn’t seen in years (not kidding, it’s been years) to celebrate one of my best friends from high school.
  • It was a weekend where I got to spend time with my best friend of 20 years and she reminded me over and over that friends > boyfriends…just by being her.
  • It was a weekend where I spent time with family celebrating THE greatest love story I’ll ever know…my grandparents. They celebrated 60 years this year.

Would it have been good to be there with Bill too? Sure it would have. But you know what this weekend also gave me? Closure.

God gives you people in your life. I still don’t really understand the reason why Bill was in mine, but I do know that God shows you whether or not people are supposed to stay in your life by how those people act. If they want to be in it, they’ll prove it. And if they don’t?

Well, if they don’t, then you drive home. On the way, you take the exit for their town, drive through it so you can say you have, and then you leave it behind you. Literally.

You come home, clean your house, start eating healthy and working out again, decorate for fall, get back to church…and you keep going.



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