2018 TV Lineup

You know what week it is, everybody? PREMIERE. WEEK. Honestly, it’s right up there with Christmas week and the first week of March Madness as one of my favorite weeks of the year.

Compared to 2016 and 2017, my lineup is pretty tame / light this year. That’s probably (most definitely) because a couple of my shows ended last year (Scandal, Once Upon a Time, neither of which I am caught up on), AND I fell behind on a couple other ones (Chicago Fire & Chicago PD). So that doesn’t leave many. Honestly, if I didn’t have new TV shows on my list this year, I would only have three TV shows to watch! That doesn’t, however, include all the shows I want to catch up on / finish out (currently that list is at 14!).

All but one premiere this week, AND I’m dogsitting which means I get to watch ALL of them the night they premiere! Ahhhhhhh.

Monday September 24

The Resident, FOX
Manifest, NBC 

Tuesday September 25

This is Us, NBC
New Amsterdam, NBC

Wednesday September 26

A Million Little Things, ABC (Definitely ABCs attempt at matching what This is Us did on NBC)

Thursday September 27


Thursday October 25

Legacies, The CW 

Midseason Premiere

The Bachelor, ABC 

A couple of notes on this season’s lineup:

  • The Resident. Good lord, this show came out of the gate HOT last year, and man oh man I can’t wait for a full season run.
  • Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t. I will watch this show til it dies or I die, whichever comes first (and considering it’s starting season FIFTEEN, that’s a toss up at this point).
  • I’m not confident that I will continue with any of these new shows – if they don’t hook me with the first episode, I’m not convinced.
  • I kind of hate that Colton is the new Bachelor, but I’m trash for this show, so bring on the garbage.

CHEERS to premiere week, everyone!

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