Word of the Year

I’ve been seeing a lot of those “Word of the Year” posts circulating on the interwebs lately. K-Love talked about how the Oxford word of the year is “toxic” (how sad!) and Merriam Webster’s word of the year is “justice.”

This year, I realized that my word for 2018 has been fulfillment. When I look back on my year, I have come to understand that fulfillment is what I’ve been seeking for so long.

When I was at my former job, I think I so desperately was seeking fulfillment, that I filled my extra time with other stuff to get that because I wasn’t fulfilled with my every day life. I exercised daily because I needed fulfillment. I worked a part-time job at least 15 hours a week because I needed fulfillment. I remember leaving my part-time job one day to go back to my full-time job, and I was so sad. I remember thinking, “I’m leaving the job I love to go back to the job I hate.”

Enter getting fired. I suddenly was given this opportunity to seek and find fulfillment, and I did.

I found a job that I absolutely love. I am so rewarded by the women I work with, the work we do, and the atmosphere in which we do it.

I found someone who is such a good man, and he’s choosing me, for reasons unknown but that I’m thankful to God for every day.

I’ve been more intentional about seeking out & developing my friendships.

I’ve grown to completely trust God with 100% of my life, to pray first and worry second, and to thank Him whether or not I understand the path.

I learned to love my body and embrace being healthy, but to not fault myself if I struggle on that path. That’s something that I need to get back to for sure, and while it’s not an “official” resolution, it’s on the list of goals.

For 2019, I’m focusing on being present. For over three years, I’ve been so dictated by a plan, and so dictated by my (incredibly busy) schedule, that I am going to focus on being more in the moment and not so focused on “what’s next.” I quit my part-time job, effectively freeing up my evenings and weekends for the first time since I moved to Topeka. I have no idea what people do with free time, but I’m excited to find out.

Cheers to 2019 and being present while continuously understanding and prioritizing the importance of being fulfilled. 

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