You remember when I was a runner? Because I don’t. I mean, I know I was one, once upon a time. I have a whole health category that has post after post talking about it. In my guest room, I have my 2017 5K bibs framed along with all my medals, cups, scarves and other fun trinkets I’ve collected along the way. My 5K t-shirts are in a pile at my mom’s house being made into a quilt. So I mean, that was me, right?

I used to get asked, “What are you planning on doing tonight?” and my response would be, “Oh I’m just getting a quick 2 mile run in.” Yes, 2 miles was ‘quick’ to me and it was easy. Yet, today I found myself googling “Training for a 5K in a month.” I guess I can feel some sort of solidarity with other people out there, because it was an autocompleted search – clearly I’m not the only one looking for this. What in the world happened?

Life happened. I realized that I was fulfilled with life, so I no longer felt the need to exercise to be happy. I learned to be happy in my body. I found my time being cluttered with other things, and quite frankly, lost a lot of motivation to fill it with exercise. Falling off the wagon? It happens. Oops.

Enter 2019. Like I mentioned earlier, I am planning on running a 5K in a month – one month from today. I’m planning a fitness schedule, and have a stair climb at the end of February (902 stairs!). Weight loss challenge starts January 7. Goal setting and motivation board will be happening BEFORE 2019, and I’m going to get back to what I truly enjoyed….and for no other reason because I enjoy it! 🙂

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