It’s been a minute. Like my friend Katie said on her blog Raines or Shine, “What’s hilarious about blogging is that you can skip entire chapters of your life and just start writing again as if nothing happened.” Truth bomb, girl. I’ve realized that blogging is what you make of it.

Celebrations are abundant in my life right now! I am in such a blessed season of life, and combine that with the season of spring, it’s such a good time to be happy! Let’s be real, it’s always a good time to be happy.



On Tuesday (April 9), I celebrated one year at my job with Junior Achievement of Kansas! I’ve written about it before, but you guys, I love this job so much. It’s not a secret that by the time I reached the end of my tenure with my previous position, I wasn’t happy anymore. Now, I haven’t stopped being happy for a year…at least work-wise! Let me tell you a bit.

*The work itself: I get to write for a living. I get to plan media appearances all over the state for a living. I get to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn for a living (Go follow the JA social pages please and thx). I get to connect with people all over the country for a living.
*The work environment: My boss and coworkers are the kind of coworkers people dream of working with. We work together as a team. We communicate. We give each other praise. We’re flexible. In two weeks, I’ll be in Colorado for a conference Mon-Thurs. Both weekends are bookended by family plans with Derek’s family, so I asked my boss if I could work from “home” that day (meaning KC) so I wouldn’t have to drive twice. Without any hesitation, she said yes. We work to live, not the other way around.
*The WHY: JA provides to students what I so wish I would have been able to experience in school. Our programs are based on financial literacy, workforce readiness, and entrepreneurship, and are for students K-12 (though we primarily focus on K-8). I’m teaching 5th grade right now, and hearing the kids talk about profit and loss since they remember it from our 4th grade program is remarkable. The session focused on them being “business owners” and they were to price items then compare to their competition. By the end of the session, they were understanding principles of business – in just 40 minutes, I saw kids discover that entrepreneurship might be right for them.
*Our supporters: This ties in with the why, but coming from a bottom-line minded, for profit company to a nonprofit was a gamechanger for me. My friends in Abilene always told me that I was going to end up in nonprofit and they were so right. I can’t imagine ever working for anything BUT a nonprofit now. Our supporters support us because they WANT to. They willingly give their time and money because they believe in what we do. That’s why I wake up every day excited to go to work.



Derek and I celebrated six months last week! No, it’s not a year, and yes, I know that celebrating “half a year” is kind of like when a two year old is VERY ADAMANT about telling you that they are two and a HALF, not just two. But you guys, I never expected him.

When we first started talking, I told him I wasn’t ready and we didn’t talk again for two months; I didn’t expect to ever talk to him again. Then, since I was cynical and still hurt from the summer, I didn’t expect more than two dates, max. I certainly never expected to know that by date three, he was it.

He’s kind, loves his family, loves my crazy family, is my perfect balance, and chooses to love me every day.  He’s treated me better than I ever thought I deserved, and I’m so lucky to have him. Cheers to all the more months, Derek! ❤



I started going to Fit Body Boot Camp in January, and I just hit 50 sessions! This workout has changed my life. I show up, do the workout, and in 30 minutes, I’m done. I can feel myself getting stronger, and there is a support system there that is second to none. Plus, it’s making me (somewhat) a morning person, so that’s always good habit-building, right?
Sidenote: Obviously I am not so nonchalant about my sessions as the photo suggests, but we like to have fun with photos, so there you go. As the great Elle Woods said, “What, like it’s hard?” 


 I don’t have a picture for this one yet, because I haven’t been there yet. But oh man, people, I leave for London and Scotland VERY SOON for a two week trip with my friend Jeana, and I’ve officially reached the “I can’t wait I am so excited counting down the days,” phase of excitement. Stay tuned for all that trip stuff.

Like I said, I am beyond blessed right now. It’s a good life, friends.

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