Link in Bio

As part of my job, I run the JA Instagram account. If you’re familiar with Instagram, you’re familiar with the “Link in Bio” call to action. There’s always so much more to say in an Instagram caption, so you encourage people to learn more by clicking on a link.

Every time I post these three small, seemly insignificant words, I stop and pause for a moment. I think about how life in general is just one big “Click Here to Learn More.” When you meet people for the first time, they get the caption, the screenshot that you want them to see. It’s not until they press further, until they click the link in your bio that they really learn more.

What would people get if they didn’t need to click the link in your bio? Would we all be less filtered with one another and speak more truth or would the world be full of less meaningful relationships? These are the random questions that the simple task of running a social media account has me wondering. So then it got me thinking even further. What would the world see if they clicked the link in my bio?

I think they’d see…

  • A woman who is fiercely loyal to those around her, but the loyalty often leads to a sense of obligation and putting others first when she needs to put herself first. As a result of this viscous circle that starts with good intentions and ends with a guilt complex when saying no, her summer feels like it hasn’t even started because she hasn’t had a moment to herself and it’s draining her (HI REALLY LONG SENTENCE).
  • A woman who is unbelievably fulfilled with her work, but thinks daily if she should strive to accomplish more, can make time for a FOURTH job or if she should pursue small business opportunities because she wonders every day if she could do it.
  • A woman who cannot believe how lucky she is to have the best person she knows also be the one who chooses her every day, yet still lamenting the fact that 71 miles (one way) separate her from him. These 71 miles can lead to random grumpy outbursts, even though she’s really just mad about a highway, and not about a dinner. Shoutout to my boyfriend’s endless patience and understanding when I’m having a “bad distance week” as I like to call them. 
  • A woman of faith who wonders when the hell she’ll ever go to church again after not being to a service since November and questioning if that fact lessens her faith or just changes the way she’s living it.
  • A woman who, after squeezing into another dress that won’t fit, worries if society’s expectations that a skinny body is a sexy body are right, and worries about what people think when they look at her after gaining back most of the weight she was so proud of losing.
  • A real woman, with struggles and questions and confusions just like everybody else. But just like everybody else, she isn’t sure if people just want to read the words “link in bio” or if they actually want to click on it.


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