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I am turning over a new leaf here on my blog! I have been immersing myself in the book world lately – primarily booktube, but with bookstagram and book blogging thrown in there as well. I’ve decided that little by little, I am going to expand my book blogging. Welcome to a whole new meaning of Torey Stories!

I will still be posting about my life, but you’ll see a far increased amount of book posts! How fitting that my first “official” book post be introducing myself to the book world. Here we go!

Q1 – Why did you start this blog? 

Originally, this blog was started in December of 2015 as a lifestyle blog. I post anything from my daily life to in-depth posts about my weight loss and faith, with some pop culture thrown in. Like I mentioned, I’m really interested in becoming a bigger part of the book world, so I am expanding my blog to do that! I will note that I’ll continue to have my lifestyle posts thrown in too 🙂

Q2 – What are you most excited about this new blog? 

I’m most excited to share my thoughts with a wider audience. Not many of my friends read the same kinds of books as I do, so I am excited to share my opinions with those that might love the same books I love. I am also excited to use this as a book history of sorts, and look back on some of my favorites in the years to come.

Q3 – Why do you love reading? 

What I love most about reading is the chance to escape. Regardless of what is going on in my life (good, bad or ugly), I can pick up a book and find myself in a different world!

Q4 – What book or series got you into reading?  

Honestly, the first book series I remembering having to pick up every book was The Babysitters Club! There were so many books, and they were such fast reads, so I remember devouring them. I even made a Babysitters Club poster for the 4-H year one year! Not to brag, but I’m pretty sure I got a blue ribbon. Haha!

Q5 – What questions would you ask your favorite authors? 

I would ask so many questions! Here are a few:

To JK Rowling: Why didn’t you give more time to Draco Malfoy’s character and story?
To Nicholas Sparks: What is your favorite one of your books and why? Why did you decide to name so many characters after real people in your life?
To Julia Quinn: When you wrote the Bridgerton novels, were you at all thinking about the ability for the story to be adapted onscreen?

There are so many more, but there are a few I thought of!

Q6 – What challenges do you think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome? 

The hardest challenge for me will be being consistent with my content, both on the blog and keeping my social media current.

Q7 – When did you start reading? 

I have been reading as long as I can remember. My mom is a big reader, so growing up, I always remember having a book because my mom always had a book and made sure reading was a part of our lives!

Q8 – Where do you read?

I primarily read in my home or my boyfriend’s home. I’ll take a book to work for my lunch breaks and if I’m going on a trip, but my absolute favorite places to read are my reading room in my home (check that out HERE) and sitting with my boyfriend on his back deck.

Q9 – What kind of books do you like to read? 

My favorite genres are YA, New Adult, Contemporary, Chick Lit, Romance and Historical Romance!

I’m really excited to tell you more about my reading life. Welcome to torey stories!

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