30 Before 30!

I turn 30 on November 27, 2020. It’s exactly 13 months away today!

I decided to make a 30 Before 30 list a few months ago and have been compiling the list since then. I finally finished the list a few days ago, so here it is! To follow along my 30 Before 30 journey, search for #torey30before30 on Instagram.

  1. Travel a state I’ve never been to
  2. Air mattress movie day / night (basically, I wake up in the morning, move from the bed to the air mattress, and only move throughout the day to get food and go to the bathroom!)
  3. Send birthday cards
  4. Send thank-you cards for the little things (and the big things!)
  5. Sleep overnight in the bed of a truck
  6. Reread and rewatch Harry Potter
  7. Watch a drive-in movie
  8. Kayak
  9. Eat at Chicken Mary’s and Chicken Annie’s in Pittsburg
  10. Atchison day trip
  11. Take a mother-daughter vacation (already on the books!)
  12. Eat at Prize Package
  13. Read one nonfiction book per month
  14. Visit Marceline, Missouri
  15. Reread the Bridgerton series
  16. Be debt-free except for my house
  17. Take a solo unplugged weekend
  18. Watch all 58 Disney animated films
  19. Topeka Ichabod statues
  20. Watch the Marvel movies in order, marathon style
  21. Blog once per month
  22. Read a daily devotional
  23. Make a blanket fort
  24. Watch all 21 Pixar films
  25. Take a long weekend to Herrmann, MO with my honey 🙂
  26. Wamego Totos
  27. Try something new
  28. Axe throwing
  29. Go skinny dipping
  30. Photo shoot for 30!

I am somewhat worried about a few things on the list – for example, there are 101 movies on this list, and 25 books on the list. BUT I have faith in myself, AND I’m planning on getting more into audio books since I drive quite a bit now.

30 tasks, 13 months to go!

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