Daily Life

Hi there! I’m Torey Nicole. I’m kind of in love with my middle name. A few other things I’m in love with: the color pink, chocolate, plush blankets, and laughing…a lot. I’m a recovering Diet Dr Pepper addict, 5K runner, and lover of Jesus. The best compliment I’ve ever received is being called a Human Ray of Sunshine. I spend most my days trying to … Continue reading Daily Life


Read my brief story of faith below, but for more posts and updates as I continue to walk with God, Stay up to date here. While I grew up in the church and went on missions trips when I was younger, and always “believed” in God, my faith story really starts in 2015. At the time I was 24 years old and struggling exceptionally with being … Continue reading Faith


I never would have referred to myself as healthy growing up. Now, I exercise every single day, live for a good outside run, my favorite drink is water, and I try to keep eating healthy a priority. You can learn about my health journey here – and it is a journey – ever changing, ever challenging, but always worth it. Continue reading Health

Bathroom Reno!

I HAVE A NEW BATHROOM! Starting March 19, the tear down began, and a week later, it was finished! I want to mention that a family friend named Jim was the craftsman behind the project. He does amazing work, and there is NO WAY it would look half this good if I was left to my own devices. Before  These pictures are actually after pictures of the … Continue reading Bathroom Reno!