The RomCom Project

A few weeks ago, I watched this video: As a self-proclaimed romcom aficionado, I loved the video and how it broke down different parts of the films. It got me thinking about my own collection of romantic comedies and that I’ve always felt like they’ve had a slight contribution to my singleness because of the unrealistic expectations of love they present. So I’ve decided that … Continue reading The RomCom Project

Ultimate Harry Potter Tag

So….I got my wisdom teeth removed on Friday.  I consider myself fairly lucky in the fact that my recovery has gone quite well. For me, the first day was the worst day because of the anesthetic. Three days later, I’m finally back on solid foods, and I’m off pain pills. I couldn’t really talk about my surgery for a whole post, and honestly, nothing much has … Continue reading Ultimate Harry Potter Tag

The Hotties of Nicholas Sparks Films, Ranked <3

So I sat down to write tonight, fully intending to finish my “Best of 2016” post. But then I popped in the movie The Longest Ride to accompany my writing, and ummmm, Scott Eastwood is on the screen. So I got a little bit distracted because hello, have you seen Scott Eastwood? Then I decided I might as well write about what I’m focused on at the … Continue reading The Hotties of Nicholas Sparks Films, Ranked ❤

The Bachelor: Season 21, Episode 1

First off, watch this: If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know, then continue reading. I mean, obviously I want you to continue reading anyway, but I would understand if you don’t. I barely made it through both hours. A few months ago I watched The Bachelor finale. It was…an experience. See my thoughts here. I didn’t watch JoJo in The Bachelorette, because good riddance, but yesterday … Continue reading The Bachelor: Season 21, Episode 1