Leaving it Behind – Literally

Disclaimer: For the purposes of this story, the gentleman in question’s name is Bill. Spoiler alert: it’s not actually Bill.  Okay, people, strap in. A few things from my last post.  I have not been doing well. My house has been a MESS, I haven’t really exercised since my 5K on August 11, I haven’t been to church in three weeks because quite frankly, I’ve … Continue reading Leaving it Behind – Literally

Well, I Got Fired.

So, based on the title of this post, you’ve guessed that I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks. Monday March 19 I had a 4:00pm meeting. One of those 4:00pm meetings. You know the ones…where you shut the door and next thing you know, you’re packing up boxes and being escorted out. For the longest time, I had always thought that getting fired was like a death sentence, … Continue reading Well, I Got Fired.

John 3:30

“He must become greater, I must become less.”  In church this morning, this verse was referenced.  As we continued through the service, I kept looking back at it, and circled it a few times. For some reason, I was drawn to this common verse that is quite often used. For me, this means that to be authentic in pursuit of a relationship with Christ, that … Continue reading John 3:30