Second weigh in of the second weight loss challenge today. The scale read 212. That marks 30 pounds.

Thirty wasn’t the number goal (that’s 42). 212 wasn’t the weight goal either (that’s 200). But it’s 30. Pounds. And I don’t mean to brag (well maybe I do), but that’s an accomplishment that I’m incredibly proud of myself for. I lost two pounds this week. I haven’t had a weigh in like that in weeks.

It can get discouraging, especially when I lost 21 in ten weeks and then it’s taken me seven to lose the next 9. It’s frustrating at times, but then times like this morning happened…and it makes it worth it.

On another front, I started my 5K training today. I’m following this guide. Today was just a stretching workout, but it was more of a workout than I thought it would be. Tomorrow starts the first running interval, so we’ll see. Here’s my first post about it I wrote…I work for a great group of people that enables me to combine activities I like to do with my job. And I love it.

I’ve got 12 to go, and I won’t stop til I get there.

Challenge Cubed

A few things…

1) I have 11 draft blog posts. I didn’t want to edit or expand on ANY of them, so here I am. 2) I wanted to write this in my backyard, with my party lights on and my “Blogging Day” coffee cup filled with Gatorade. But then I opened my fridge and remembered I needed to cook the chicken and steak in there…so I here I am..
3) And finally…I am in the third day of my weight loss challenge, and I already messed up and ate a ton of french fries at Red Robin today. Two hours of working out later and here I am.

Challenge cubed. It’s a challenge within a challenge within a challenge (that’s cubed right?). As I mentioned, I’m in the middle of my second eight week weight loss challenge. I won the first one (more on that here, and here, and here), and I’ve lost 7 pounds in between the end of the last one and start weight for this one. This challenge ends July 3 and the goal for that challenge is to lose however many pounds I can by then. I have 14 pounds to lose until goal weight, and that brings me to my next challenge (challenge squared)!

Challenge 2 is to get to goal weight by Country Stampede, a major three day country music festival I go to for work. That’s 14 pounds in 6 1/2 weeks, so we’ll see. It’s about two pounds more than is recommended to lose by that time, but I can do it! I hope. We’ll see. I gotta get my sh** together better than tonight (I’m eating Hershey’s as I’m typing this) for that to happen.  If it doesn’t happen, then obviously that would be the goal by the end of the 8 week challenge.

Challenge 3 (cubed!) is to train for a 5K based on THIS. The fun part about it that also will help keep me motivated is that I get to tie this into my job! It will start on Monday and runs for eight weeks so will be over a week after the weight loss challenge. I’m not much looking forward to the running in the heat, but I am looking forward to videoing parts of the challenge for work, tying in other coworkers, and getting to write more for my job.

That’s it! More than likely, the blog posts I write for my work websites will also end up here, so I’ll keep you posted! I am excited, nervous, but mostly re-motivated to get myself finally to that goal weight…and then onto the next one


I Fell Off the Wagon…Then Got Tattoos

Honestly, I could leave this post with the title and it would accurately relay what the content would be about. But what’s the fun in that??

As you could ascertain from my most recent post, I. Did. So. Well. I hit my halfway point on my weight loss and WON my weight loss challenge!!!! That was on a Monday. Here’s how it’s gone since then:

  • Monday: Bachelor finale. Did okay. Ate a cupcake and one glass of wine.
  • Tuesday – Thursday:  Good job for Torey! I was just fine on my calories.
  • Friday – NOW: Ummmmm. I haven’t counted once. It was just supposed to be Friday since I was in KC with friends, but it’s turned into a whole long bad week of eating.

So now what? Well, I’m leaving on a jet plane tonight to go to Indianapolis. I’m not about to tell myself that I’m going to be healthy while on vacation. My friend Kari & I have already planned on eating all of the following: pizza / cheese breadsticks, popcorn, Oreos, cheddar sour cream potato chips, Mexican food, and let’s be real….wine. So I will let myself enjoy the weekend as a “last weekend,” of sorts. Because at the end of the day, my goal is 200….not halfway to 200. So I will start again on Monday! New challenge, new motivation, new rewards at the end of it (mostly my clothes fitting better).


Nowwwwww to a slightly more exciting topic of conversation – my tattoos! If you don’t know me well, here’s a little tidbit about my personality: I am a goody two shoes who over analyzes every little decision of her life and doesn’t do anything unless it’s been very carefully planned out and the pros & cons have been weighed and measured with my family. This was a decision that yes, while I’ve been contemplating for five years, was made and done for ME without thinking about everyone else’s opinions. Here’s the results! 🙂


They’re on the inside of each ankle. The Mickey Mouse head and lightning bolt are on the right and the sentiment on the left. I absolutely love them and I am thrilled with how they turned out. ❤

Off to Indy I go!!!

Maybe Leggings ARE Pants

The weight loss challenge is over!!!! It was an eight week challenge (9 total weigh ins). Here’s the progress:

-Pre-Challenge Doctors’ Office Weigh In: 242
-Week 1: 239.2
-Week 2: 233.8
-Week 3: 234
-Week 4: 230.4
-Week 5: 227.4
-Week 6: 229.8
-Week 7: 224.8
-Week 8: 224
-Week 9: 221
Total Pounds Lost: 21
Body Fat Percentage Lost: 8.8%

unnamed (1)

I am so proud of myself, anddddd I WON THE CHALLENGE! I won $135.00, just in time for my trip to Indianapolis next weekend! To be honest, the results I saw and felt were motivation enough for me to continue my journey, but MAN! A tangible, hold-in-your-hand, spend it money sure does help motivate too! 🙂

Results pics and motivation pics. To be honest, I don’t have that great of images to post, because I was not good and didn’t take good before pictures. BUT these tell you a little bit and also help tell my story so far.

The image on the left is the before picture and the image on the right is the after picture. Yes, the before pic is 21 pounds heavier than the after pic. I can see a difference, but it’s my body, and it’s hard to tell that there is a difference. Once again…not great pictures. But like I mentioned in the very beginning, I loved the way I looked before I started this challenge. You can tell that in the before picture. I love the way I look now, and you can tell that in the after picture too. The big thing about the after picture is what I have courage to do now that I didn’t have before I lost the weight…wear leggings as pants.

I have been a firm believer that leggings are NOT pants! However,since losing the weight, I have found that I’m very comfortable wearing leggings, and you can make them look cute! It kills my mother (sorry mom!), but that’s a change I’ve noticed. I’ve been able to buy some shirts & pants I wouldn’t have fit into 21 pounds ago, so that is also reassuring!

Speed round of other motivating / happy things about losing the weight:

  • It’s getting easier and easier to count calories and eat less.
  • I love working out. If I don’t work out almost every day, I’m on edge.
  • I see and feel results every day.
  • I really don’t even like cheating that much anymore. I don’t worry about it when I do cheat, but I don’t find myself wanting or needing to anymore.

While the weight loss to this point IS very exciting, I’m not done. Monday’s weigh-in could be interesting because I’ve had a Bachelor finale watch party this week AND two showings of Beauty and the Beast this weekend, but like my weigh-ins show earlier, not all weeks are for losing. I won’t stop til 200, and maybe not even then! Halfway sure feels good though 🙂

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of Weight Loss

Weigh In Updates: 
-Week 1: 239.2
-Week 2: 233.8
-Week 3: 234
-Week 4: 230.4
-Week 5: 227.4
-Week 6: 229.8
-Week 7: 224.8
Total Pounds Lost: 14.4
Body Fat Percentage Lost: 6%

I am incredibly proud of myself for starting and keeping up with this journey. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been doing it for six weeks, and haven’t really dropped much of my motivation. I’m still encouraged for the rest of my journey. However, sometimes, it’s hard because while 14.4 pounds is great…there’s still 224.8 to go. WHICH leads me to the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly parts of weight loss.

-I drink more water & less soda! I can’t give up my blood supply… I mean Diet Dr Pepper…but I drink far less of it now.
-I LOVE my fitness classes and genuinely look forward to them. I do kickboxing twice a week, zumba three times a week, and try to walk / run at least one of the other two days. I’m hoping to train for another 5K (we’ll see), and if I can’t do a zumba class, I work out to one of these bad boys. The Fitness Marshall is HILARIOUS and it’s a great workout.

-My stomach is shrinking. I find myself full after eating far less than I used to. -I never crave fast food anymore. If anything, I crave Panera salads (seriously, their Romaine & Kale Caesar salad is to die for).
-Since I eat in far more than I eat out, I’m saving money!
-I am starting to visibly see results when I look in the mirror. I’m thinner now! -My pants & workout shorts are fitting much better.
-I sleep exceptionally well. I hardly ever have any times “awake,” and always less than ten times “restless” on my fitbit when I check my sleep tracking.
-I am hardly ever tired during the day anymore. I have much more energy!

-I still battle hunger. There are days (especially rest days) where I am starving all day.
-Cheat days somtimes turn into three cheat days. I do pretty good of limiting my cheating though.
-Sometimes, I have to say no to going out to eat with friends because I don’t have enough calories left, and sometimes that’s sad.
-I haven’t had wine in six weeks.
-The longer I go with this, the more I want to cheat. I’m not sure why this isn’t the opposite. I think it’s because I see results, so I feel like if I cheat, it’s okay? I have no idea.
-Calorie counting can get hard & frustrating sometimes. You have to count everything. Measuring out tablespoons of ketchup is obnoxious.
-It’s a big guessing game. Am I recording the right amount of minutes of exercise? Is that really how many calories are in a taco? How many over or under should I truly stay each day? Can I overeat by 300 one day if I undereat by 300 the next (answer? no).

-I literally screamed at an olive oil bottle in my kitchen one night when I realized olive oil does in fact have calories.
-You can occasionally find me measuring M&Ms ounce by ounce (one M&M at a time) just so I don’t overeat on chocolate.
-Today, I legitimately had a slight meltdown at the complications I faced in simply trying to order my kale & romaine salad.
-Also today…I licked every last bit of peanut butter off of a paper plate.
-There are days where out goes the green beans and nuts, and in comes the cookie.
-900 calories left you say? Just enough for an order of Pizza Hut cheese breadsticks with marinara sauce!

There are far more good things than bad (don’t go counting, it’s even), and the good outweighs (HAHA!) the bad. All I can do is continue to work my butt off, and hope the pounds go with it! I have no intentions of stopping until my first goal weight…and then we’ll set another one.

Who can relate? What are your goods, bads, and uglies?

Thoughts on Week 1

Week One Weigh In: 239.2

Okay, so I’ve officially been on the weight loss challenge for four days! I’m going to share some of the goods and bads with you, because I have allllll the thoughts.

I have worked out every day the last four days! 
Working out is kicking. my. ass. Walking up the stairs at work is a (literal) pain with every step.
I have done well with my calorie counting! I’ve been under my calorie count every day this week.
I’m so hungry all the time! I know that once my stomach shrinks, it will be much easier, and once I learn how to space out the calories I’ll be good too. But man, in the meantime, I’m hungry.
I’m starting to love working out. Tonight’s Zumba workout was amazing. The energy you feel after a workout is seriously unparalleled.
I’m really tired. And like I said, it’s kicking my ass. My body is definitely feeling it.

I cannot explain in mere words how excited I am that tomorrow is a rest day AND a cheat day. I’m allowing myself to have one cheat item a week, and this week’s item is a Panera chocolate chip bagel with hazelnut cream cheese.  To know that I not only will get to eat that, but also won’t have to die through a 45 minute workout?? Like I said, mere words can’t explain.

(I would have videotaped myself with a happy dance, but I don’t think I can move like that right now).

Truly after week one, I’m feeling pretty good. Yes, I’m hungry, but it’s not horrible. The workouts are getting easier with each one, and I feel better and overall more energized from day to day. We’ll see how I do this weekend – they’re always the hardest!

Life of a Curvy Girl

This is kind of a long one. But my journey with weight and finding out how to be happy with my body has been a long one too.

High School
When I was in high school, I stayed healthy and at a steady weight, because I was an athlete. I had plenty of physical activity, and let’s face it: I still had the metabolism of a high schooler. I struggled internally with my weight though…a lot. Most of the other girls my age were skinny minis…and I wasn’t. My weight became a self-fulfilling prophecy: I thought I was fat, so I stayed fat because I ate things that kept me fat. What’d the scale say when I graduated? 180.

College was an interesting four years of my life, weight-wise. Not surprisingly, I gained weight, because I no longer had any physical activity to keep me fit, and I ate even worse than I did in high school. So…let’s add 20 pounds to the scale…200. My self-confidence and understanding of my body type got better, though, so I became more comfortable with this weight and started to embrace it…then junior year happened.

I went through the two hardest experiences of my life within a span of six months: the first was the ending of an unhealthy friendship.  I had been friends with that person for over a decade, and ending it was like cutting off a limb. I dealt with it as you can imagine – lots of crying, lots of eating…and countless episodes of Dawson’s Creek. This continued through the second semester and into the summer, when the second experience took place. That was an unsuccessful internship. I struggled with mental and emotional abuse from my supervisor in the month-long experience, and it was extremely difficult to cope with, especially with still dealing with the lasting effects of the friendship ending from a few months prior. The eating pretty much just compounded – I ate out almost every meal, and ate in between meals, because it’s the only way I knew how to cope. I wasn’t emotionally prepared to face the healing process, so I didn’t. Let’s add another 20 pounds (10 per experience) to the scale…220.

Senior year was okay, but I had to make it okay despite the weight gain. I just bought new clothes, wore a lot of sweat pants, and said “It’ll balance out.” I tried dieting and exercising a few times, but it never stuck. My second semester, I took too much on by working three part-time jobs, class two days a week, a bowling league, and the responsibilities that come with moving and trying to graduate. As a result, I experienced burnout…BAD. How’d I deal with this new “life struggle”? Boone’s Farm. Alllllll the bottles of Boone’s Farm…so let’s add 18 pounds to the scale…I’m now at 238. I had gained 58 pounds since high school.

Post Grad
Okay, so here I am, at my first real big kid job out of school, and I’m heavier than I’ve ever been. Like I said though, through college (at least the beginning of it), I developed more self-confidence. I was happier with myself, so I was happier with my weight. Right after college, my mom & I went on a shopping spree and purchased a whole new “business” wardrobe for me. I didn’t really take notice of the sizes I was buying, even though they were 2 sizes bigger than what I wore in high school. I was starting a new chapter, invigorated and excited to begin my life, and I had a brand new wardrobe to do it with!

One weekend, I went with a friend to another friend’s bridal shower. We had all known each other for years, and I was excited to celebrate. The bride-to-be (now a wife of 3+ years), posted a picture of the three of us a couple of weeks later on facebook….and this proved to be my wake-up call.


I’m the one on the far right (aren’t my friends pretty??). I looked at that picture and couldn’t recognize myself. I saw a woman who was happy, yes, but let that happiness turn into ignorance as she let her weight spiral out of control. I came home, and developed a plan.

I joined a local fitness club that next week, and started a weight loss challenge. Over the next eight weeks, I transformed into a healthier, happier, more confident person. My weight loss was real, and something I could actually see was making a difference. This picture was taken a few months into my journey.


You can really tell the difference (or at least I can), especially since I’m wearing the same shirt! After the weight loss challenge, I joined the next one, as well as starting to train for my first 5K. The training lasted for a couple of months, and I turned into a person who loved running (I NEVER thought that would happen). I successfully ran my first 5K with one of my best friends, and the scale?? It was down to 202. I’d lost 35 pounds. I felt better and looked better than I had in my whole life (weighing less in high school doesn’t mean much when you’re not happy).

So I was healthy, learned how to manage my eating, loved to run & exercise, drank a lot of water….it’ll be that way forever right? A few months after those pictures were taken, I took a trip to Europe. It was the most fabulous trip of my life, and when I went, I loved the way I looked and felt. However, since I was “on vacation,” my diet and exercise went out the window. When you’re eating in Parisian cafes that give you bread & butter like it’s chips & salsa at a Mexican restaurant, when you’re going to German bakeries to get more hazelnut cookie goodness, and when you drink wine & beer at every meal…you are not thinking about your weight, or your diet. You are thinking about how you may never be in a Parisian cafe or German bakery again, so you make it worth it. This ultimately proved to be my undoing, because when I got back, I didn’t go back to my healthy behavior.

The Last Two 1/2 Years
Since Europe, I really haven’t exercised much…or eaten very healthy…or weighed in…or anything. As months & years have gone by, my clothes have gotten tighter, my energy has gotten lower, and my weight has steadily been creeping back up. I kept telling myself, “As long as you stay under 238, you’ve still technically lost weight!” This attitude and way of thinking has led to today’s scale…242, the highest number I’ve ever seen on it. It’s time for a change.

I do want to mention that I still feel great, and I’m the most confident in my body than I’ve ever been. Losing the weight before led me to experience a level of self-confidence in my body type that I’d never felt before, and even though the weight has gone up, that feeling hasn’t gone away. I love the way I look, and I’ve learned that if you surround yourself with the right people, they won’t notice the difference between being all dolled up and skinny, or eating cheese breadsticks with no makeup and sweatpants.

I want to lose the weight now for me. It’s not about feeling any pressure to do so. It’s about wanting to run up the stairs at work without feeling winded…it’s about wanting my v-neck colored shirts to stop hugging every curve…it’s about wanting to feel the high that can only be experienced after an exercise…I want to lose weight now, but it’s not because I feel like I have to. And that feeling is inspiring.

What Now?
The goal is simple…I want to see 200 pounds on that scale again. How do I do that? With a plan, motivation, & accountability. 

The Plan
I plan on starting on Monday January 16. I have joined an eight week weight loss challenge with my aunt and purchased a digital scale (since I can lie with a dial scale). I will go to class five nights a week (see below), and rest the other two days. I also have the seven minute workout I plan on doing daily. I will track my food by calorie counting using myfitnesspal, and I will weigh in every Monday.

I am planning on motivating myself with incentives (see below) and the good old-fashioned quote / motivation board.

Blogging is my accountability! I found that losing weight before was much easier if I posted about it and kept myself accountable. So I will be posting occasionally (I refuse to make a blog “schedule”), doing social media updates, and using my support system to keep me accountable. I will also track all my food, even if it’s a horrible cheat day. On my motivation board, I will write down my weigh-ins, and track my workouts on a calendar as well.

Fitness Plan                                                                                                     Incentives
Monday – Kickboxing                                                                                  230 lbs – Pizza Pub
Tuesday – Zumba                                                                                          220 lbs – Insomnia Cookies
Wednesday – High Intensity Walk or Run                                             210 lbs – Tup Thim Thai
Thursday – Zumba                                                                                        Goal Weight! – TBD
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Yoga 

So there you have it….the good, the bad, and the ugly. I can and I will do this!!!!!!!