Boom Cats Meow

A week ago, Chance (the brother) graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Marketing and minors in Political Science & Leadership Studies. Through five years of school, struggles in his personal life, and being about as involved as possible as one person can be on campus, he got to walk across that stage, receive that diploma (which will arrive in two-three months), and … Continue reading Boom Cats Meow

Christmas (and Birthday!) Celebrations

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Actually, it’s my favorite day of the year if I’m being honest. The magic, the decorations, the lights, the FOOD!!! But my favorite part about Christmas is spending it with family. This year, we had celebrations for four days straight, because that’s how we do holidays. This year was especially exciting for me, because it was the first time I hosted family … Continue reading Christmas (and Birthday!) Celebrations