November & More

Well, I can officially add November 2017 as another month of no blogging. I’m not going to lie, friends, life is pretty much non stop for me. You know you’re busy when you wake up in the morning and the first thing you think is, “Which job(s) do I have today?” I’m definitely not complaining…I truly love both my jobs and my busy life – … Continue reading November & More


So…I’ve had some setbacks lately. And most of them are because of my inability to stay motivated or stick to my diet. It’s October…and I LOVE CANDY. The fall has always been about soups, pumpkin baked goods, candy, comfort food, and definitely NOT about the green peppers that I have to crunch, crunch, crunch all the time. Last Wednesday, I put myself on a “NO … Continue reading Breakthroughs

I Love

I’m tired of writing nothing but life update posts. When you don’t blog much because of your crazy busy life, the last thing you want to do is continue to talk about that crazy, busy life…so if you wanted to know what’s going on in my life, tough. For some reason, I’ve been taking extra time lately to really pay attention to what I love … Continue reading I Love

The Shorts

I was a three sport athlete in high school. I played volleyball, basketball, & track, then played basketball in the summers.  While I wasn’t great at any of these sports (I suppose I was decent at basketball), I am a coach’s daughter & lived in a small town. Ergo, in the Berndt house, we were playing sports. When I was a sophomore in high school, I distinctly … Continue reading The Shorts

Everything I’ve Eaten That I Shouldn’t Have in the Last Three Days

I decided to cheat this ENTIRE weekend because of a few reasons: I wanted to have a girl’s night with my mama! I had a 13 hour day on Saturday with my new part-time job and was exhausted when it was over. I’ve had a really good diet & exercise three weeks, and I just wanted to NOT worry about it. I’ve only had about … Continue reading Everything I’ve Eaten That I Shouldn’t Have in the Last Three Days

New Goals!

My weigh-in last week was 200! I’ve officially reached my goal weight! Through the last six months, I’ve decided that this isn’t enough.  Counting calories and eating healthier has developed into a natural habit and lifestyle for me. I naturally gravitate toward water instead of Diet Dr Pepper or alcohol. I find myself preferring fresh fruits & veggies over cookies and chips. No, this isn’t … Continue reading New Goals!