Leaving it Behind – Literally

Disclaimer: For the purposes of this story, the gentleman in question’s name is Bill. Spoiler alert: it’s not actually Bill.  Okay, people, strap in. A few things from my last post.  I have not been doing well. My house has been a MESS, I haven’t really exercised since my 5K on August 11, I haven’t been to church in three weeks because quite frankly, I’ve … Continue reading Leaving it Behind – Literally

Bathroom Reno!

I HAVE A NEW BATHROOM! Starting March 19, the tear down began, and a week later, it was finished! I want to mention that a family friend named Jim was the craftsman behind the project. He does amazing work, and there is NO WAY it would look half this good if I was left to my own devices. Before  These pictures are actually after pictures of the … Continue reading Bathroom Reno!

Well, I Got Fired.

So, based on the title of this post, you’ve guessed that I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks. Monday March 19 I had a 4:00pm meeting. One of those 4:00pm meetings. You know the ones…where you shut the door and next thing you know, you’re packing up boxes and being escorted out. For the longest time, I had always thought that getting fired was like a death sentence, … Continue reading Well, I Got Fired.

The RomCom Project

A few weeks ago, I watched this video: As a self-proclaimed romcom aficionado, I loved the video and how it broke down different parts of the films. It got me thinking about my own collection of romantic comedies and that I’ve always felt like they’ve had a slight contribution to my singleness because of the unrealistic expectations of love they present. So I’ve decided that … Continue reading The RomCom Project